MILAN – With our daily column, we offer you the most interesting television programs and columns contained within the TV schedules and which concern in-depth studies related to the world of books, art, photography and culture.
Here are today’s events not to be missed.FURTHER DETAILS: The Rococo ‘ – After the grandeur of the Baroque, it is the turn of the ornamental lightness of the Rococo’. Art critic Waldemar Januszczak celebrates it as the period in which modernity was born. We discover one of the great inventions of the 18th century: travel. Thanks to the pilgrimages, new trends in art flourished and spread throughout Europe. On Sky Arte HD at 11.00.GREAT EXHIBITIONS: Henri Rousseau in Venice, “the Archaic Candor” – Exclusively on Sky Arte HD at 12.00, the story of the most beautiful exhibitions in Italy. A journey to discover the great protagonists of art and the exhibitions that celebrate them. We get to know better the ‘Doganiere’ Henri Rousseau with over 100 works housed in Venice in the Doge’s Apartment in the Doge’s Palace.THE IMPRESSIONISTS: The 4 rebels – The art critic Waldemar Januszczak accompanies us to the discovery of Impressionism. Where it all began
From the lives of the 4 most influential Impressionist painters: Pissarro, Monet, Renoir and Bazille, who together started this revolutionary movement, challenging art and changing it forever. On Sky Arte HD at 12.30. PHOTOGRAPHY: The Woodmans – Exclusively for Sky Arte HD at 2.30pm, a film dedicated to the famous family of photographers: the Woodmans. After the suicide of their daughter Francesca, the parents, the brother and the friends tell the story and the path. Her fickle character and chiaroscuro emerge from the pages of her diary and from her shots, right up to the end.LITERATURE: Murakami Special – The portrait of one of the greatest contemporary artists, Murakami, was born on the occasion of a worldly advertising event: the presentation of the new Frisk candy box, designed by him, at the Perrotin gallery. The artist explains his relationship with advertising and art and reveals some traits of his personality. On Sky Arte HD at 16.00. MEETING WITH THE ARTIST: Toulouse Lautrec– Art critic Waldemar Januszczak tells the story of an artist as famous as he is misunderstood: Toulouse Lautrec. Sometimes comical, often tragic, this is a tale of aristocracy, obsessions, sex and excess. However, over the course of his turbulent life, the French painter produced a huge body of revolutionary works. Divided into two episodes, broadcast on Sky Arte HD from 6.00 pm. CINEMA: Monuments Men– While the Allied forces are launching their attack on Germany, art historian Frank Stokes gets permission from Roosevelt himself to assemble a group of experts to try to recover the works of art that Hitler had taken away and hide in anticipation of the construction of the mammoth Fuhrer Museum. In case of defeat of the Reich the order and to destroy them. Thus a company was created consisting of two historians and an art expert, an architect, a sculptor, a merchant, a British pilot and a German Jewish soldier for translations. Excluding the latter, the members of the group certainly do not have the age of the fighters but their mission is not without dangers. A film that helps to reflect by not giving up the show. Sky Cinema Max HD at 9pm.ART ACCORDING TO DARIO FO: Giotto or not Giotto, from San Francesco al Prato di Perugia (1267-1337) – Who frescoed the Upper Basilica of Assisi
To reveal this enigma Fo investigated the work of the brilliant artist, bringing to light surprising insights. The starting point of the show is the enigma that for over seven centuries has divided art criticism: it was Giotto who frescoed the famous Stories of St. Francis in the Upper Basilica of Assisi
To answer the fascinating question, Fo embarks on an exploration that starts from Assisi, touches Padua with the analysis of the Scrovegni Chapel and reaches the last masterpieces of Santa Croce in Florence. An investigation that surprises many and sheds light on aspects of Giotto’s life and art little explored by official art criticism: from the painter’s activity as a usurer to the secret influences of the apocryphal Gospels on his work. A journey made even more evocative by the tales, the dialogues in the vernacular and the “jesters” that embellish the text, accompanied by over two hundred illustrations including color reproductions of Giotto’s works and personal creations of the Nobel Prize. Aired on Rai 5 at 9.15 pm. April 20, 2015

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