Crystal is a material of great charm. Those who love mathematics appreciate its intrinsic qualities, its crystalline lattice formed by atoms and molecules that are repeated in space always with the same configuration. It is a symbol of an order fixed by numbers which at the same time is the basis of its ethereal and elegant appearance. Perhaps even a little for this reason the crystal tables are very popular and become a real pole of attraction in the dining rooms, but also in the studies or in the office.
The crystal table is an extremely versatile piece of furniture that lends itself to being interpreted by styles and combinations that are also very different from each other. Its most typical location is the dining room, where it asserts itself as a design objectand as an object that responds to a specific function, that of welcoming families, friends and acquaintances to dine all together. Despite being an almost traditional piece of furniture, even a crystal table for the dining room can have different shapes and embody various ways of understanding the furniture.
There are rectangular, square, oval, round crystal tables for the dining room and the imagination seems to find no barriers. Most of the crystal table models consist of a support surface in the transparent and robust mineral structure that fascinates mineralogy and a support base in another material: wood, iron, steel, but also precious stones , such as marble and granite.
Ponder your choices carefully by discovering in more detail the characteristics of the wonderful crystal tables:

  • Crystal and wood table: warmth and elegance
  • An extendable crystal table to make the most of the space
  • Oval crystal table: a variant of tradition
  • Crystal tables for dining room: choose the most sophisticated

Crystal and wood table: warmth and elegance
The glass top gives the table that effect of visual lightness that is characteristic of it. In fact, the crystal is transparent, the light passes through it without being hindered by it, in a sort of magic that evokes the suggestion of a pure and fantastic material. In this way the crystal lets the eyes wander, it lets them go beyond it reaching what is underneath, to the floor, to an elaborate carpet that covers it, to the support structure that allows it to hover at half height, which recalls its material nature. , despite the ethereal appearance.
The support structure of a glass table makes the difference, and the one that contains the ingredients of the furniture’s personality. Designers and architects focus on its forms to create different overall harmonies that bear the imprint of a particular style. There are support structures for crystal table models for the light dining room, with essential lines, with clear geometry or sinuous profiles. But there are also support structures that at all costs want to show themselves, which peep out from the transparency of the crystal with a decisive attitude.
This decisive look is also typical of wood, a material with a gentle but firm character. The wood is sturdy and has been used for furniture since time immemorial. Its natural shadesthey give warmth to the environment, give a welcoming atmosphere, a feeling of communion and respect for nature.
A glass and wood table is well suited to the dining room because the combination of the two materials creates a spell of familiarity, of intimate bond, of relaxed light-heartedness. Table models in crystal and wood can represent the grandeur of luxury , with structures at the base in oak, American walnut, American walnut, cherry, chestnut, maple, ash.
A crystal and wood table becomes a worthy representative of the so-called ” poor art ““when the transparent top is combined with a massive base made of coniferous timber boards, a low-cost material that is widely available. In the area of ‚Äč‚Äčarte povera, but also in that of antique furniture that you want to preserve it from the wear and tear of time, the glass shelf can be a protection for the underlying material. An extendable glass table to make the most of the space
In contemporary homes, the need to make the most of often limited spaces is feel more and more, especially in urban contexts where the majority of the population is concentrated. For this reason an extendable glass tableand a great choice: it fits in a not huge dining room, but it guarantees the possibility of hosting a good number of people when desired. Therefore the extendable crystal tables combine beauty with maximum functionality.
The extendable crystal table combines traditional taste with the audacity of innovation. In fact, in an extendable glass table the mechanism with which the support surface can be doubled becomes a design object, a catalyst of wonder, in which form, color and functionality blend together to furnish with elegance and intelligence. For the design of extendable crystal table
modelssliding mechanisms or arms that follow a circular trajectory are adopted, more scenographic devices that enhance the flash of ingenuity in the shapes of its product. Oval crystal table: a variant of tradition
An oval crystal table for the dining room fits into the home as an element of discontinuitythat breaks the clear lines of the rectangular plans and the parallelepipeds that enclose the volumes of the furniture. It is certainly an element of contrast that attracts attention and allows you to set the table for a greater number of people. In fact, while the corners of the rectangular and square tables take away space for a covered table, the circular shape does not present interruptions and it is sufficient to bring the plates, cutlery and glasses a little closer to increase the number of guests.
The oval crystal table is a variant of the crystal table for the more classic dining room, rectangular and of conspicuous dimensions, surrounded by important chairs, upholstered as armchairs or characterized by a sophisticated design. An object that furnishes with elegance, beauty and functionality, the oval crystal table is well uncovered, without tablecloths or protections that weigh down its bulk. The originality of its lines and the lightness of its top are enhanced if the glass table remains “naked”. The support structure is thus shown, often consisting of a base in the center of the shelf area, a pole that can be characterized by the essentiality of the forms or indulge in lively and unexpected lines.
Large oval glass table models can have the classic four support legs, or two bases, placed in correspondence with the foci of the ellipse that constitutes the shelf. The adoption of two supports to keep the crystal top suspended gives life to a very suggestive solution, because it recalls the characteristics of a very special geometric figure, the ellipse, the one that depicts the trajectory of the orbits of the planets around the Sun. Tables crystal table for dining room: choose the most sophisticated
You have therefore decided to buy a crystal table for your dining room but you don’t know which one to choose
Don’t worry, there are many design brands on the marketthat will satisfy your search. Trust the best brands in the industry and give your home an elegant, functional and resistant furniture. We recommend, for example, the wonderful crystal dining room tables from the Reflex brand . The company specializes in the production of beautiful high design solutions, the result of collaboration with the most famous designers in the world. Find the perfect Reflex crystal table for you and give your dining room a truly exclusive look!

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