Cristina Pedroche is already a face more than consecrated the night and End of the Year . The one from Vallecas is already the authentic queen of the Chimes of Atresmedia, this being the seventh consecutive year that she is at the forefront of the most important night of the year (especially this year). Although this year, despite the expectation generated by her dresses, Pedroche has a very strong competitor: Ana Obregon. Despite the challenge for the young woman to face the Chimes for another year, Cristina Pedroche is already immersed in the preparations for what, without a doubt, ends up being the most trendy dress of the New Year’s Eve night, although this year the young do not want to be called frivolous in networks.
It premiered giving the grapes on New Year’s Eve 2014-2015 with Frank Blanco on La Sexta. A year later he went to the main network, where on December 31 he will sign his seventh Bells of him as the undisputed protagonist. Since that first appearance, Cristina Pedroche has left us speechless with her outfits for New Year’s Eve .
We have seen her in a transparent dress with Pronovias inlays, with a velvet corset full of little stars, with a transparent lace jumpsuit, with a flowered bikini and even with a sculpture of her own figure. But, of all the looks chosen by the presenter for the New Year’s Eve night, the one that caused the most impact was the one that the Zapeando collaborator chose for herfirst Chimes . It was the year 2014 and the young woman premiered with Frank Blanco as presenter of the Chimes.
The young woman chose for the occasion a black tulle dress with totally transparent lace, so that when she moved or stretched the skirt (as she did on several occasions during the broadcast of the program) she almost exposed her underwear, of the same color. His daring model did not go unnoticed and that year he became a phenomenon that revolutionized the networks.
Designed by Charo Ruiz, that Cristina Pedroche dress did not leave anyone indifferent. Despite the criticism he received for the transparencies, the design that Pedroche chose was very flattering and a super sexy receive the year A dress that is now available to anyone because we have found it in the low cost version and we couldn’t be more in love. It is a black lace dress from Zara that now, thanks to the special price discounts, can be yours for only 19.99 euros.
The dress is an absolute fantasy and also has the transparencies of Cristina Pedroche’s design. Although it is not exactly the same, it seems to us to be a fairly similar and very affordable option to bet on for Christmas looks. Especially if we are looking for a groundbreaking effect to say goodbye to this fateful 2020 in style.
Completely in lace, the Zara model also features side openingsand, like Cristina Pedroche’s, it is also transparent with the movement. The neckline is V-neck and has small ruffles in the chest area , a very top trend this season. It is available from XS to XL and we are sure that it will be the set with which many bet to say goodbye to 2020 and launch into 2021.
We know that there is still a long way to go until Christmas and that, given the current circumstances, celebrate it the usual way is going to be quite tricky. Even so, many of us are already taking a look at the proposals to get the perfect outfit with which to succeed this Christmas. Because, although we are not going to celebrate it as usual or have big events, this Christmas we deserve more than ever to get a great outfit with which to go spectacular and celebrate life. That’s what it is.

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