• What is the process of a virtual furniture project
    • How to start exploring some tools for 3D projects
    • A few curiosities about 3D projects: where does the idea come from

Moving while standing still is possible! When it comes to projects we can go very far even in front of a PC. If we are struggling with our home, with our office or with our commercial activity, the furniture project can go on through many different tools .
Certainly the ideas that blend in our heads do not stop, so why not visualize them through a 3D project What is the process of a virtual furniture project As in any furniture project , even if we remain in the virtual environment, the first thing is to do and clarify the ideas on the goal we have: we may need to optimize spaces, or feel the need to change the atmosphere of our home or office or, again, to redo the house we live in from scratch. In any case, starting from here we will be able to realize our interior design project in the best way.
Having set the goal, we will first have to deal with reality, to transport our furniture project into the digital world, first of all we have to take measures to understand how much space we have available. Furthermore, before starting the actual 3D project , the ideal would be to have an idea of ​​the style we would like for our furniture and the atmosphere we would like to create.
Also get an idea of ​​the furnitureand accessories that we like and that we may have already seen in some online shop and an excellent starting point to make the structuring of the furnishing project easier.
At this point we can devote ourselves to the real 3D project bearing in mind that it gives us the opportunity to preview how the final result will be , allowing us to modulate our choices and understand what is feasible and what we like. Modern 3D software allows you to do numerous tests to choose the materials, test the color combinations, try different types of floors and walls, change the color of the walls, position the furnishings and accessories and even direct the lights.How to start exploring some tools for 3D projects
Let’s start with the most practical applications to use:
Roomstyler a tool for furniture projects that allows you to create floor plans and draw room layouts simply by dragging and dropping the elements
Roomsketcher , on the other hand, and both an application and a website thanks to which we can design the apartment of our dreams online.
More suitable for professionals, although it can also be easily explored by enthusiasts and Sketchup is a free and online tool for designing an online furniture project. 5D planner,on the other hand, it is particularly suitable for designing larger spaces, including commercial ones, it allows you to insert many details and offers different design ideas.
With these, but also with many other online tools, we will be able to create our 3D project ready to be transformed into a real furnishing project by a professional who will be able to give us the right and definitive advice. Yes, because it is nice to think and imagine how we would like our home to become but to finalize a complete furnishing project it is good to rely on a professional. All the dealers who are on our portal can support us in the creation of a virtual project: together we can give life to our house of our dreams!Professionalism and experience are essential for the success of the furnishing project and that is why it is good to rely on someone who has always done it professionally! A few curiosities about 3D projects: where the idea comes from
It is no secret that virtual reality has assumed an ever-increasing importance in recent years and the lockdown imposed by the Corona Virus emergency has led us to live more and more in the digital world , both to work and to meet people. So why not use these technologies also to create 3D furniture projects. Virtual design is often used for entertainment : a cult in this field is The Sims, a video game that allows you to create an avatar, that is a virtual character, and to tailor your reality, starting from the home up to the external environments.
A few years ago the invention of Second Life , a sort of parallel world in which one could live an entirely digital life, caused a sensation. Currently the platform has been reinvented to provide innovative solutions for working, training or organizing online events. Virtual reality , however, is not just a game, but also a knowledge tool: we have seen in this article how many exhibitions, exhibitions and museums have moved to the web to always be within everyone’s reach
In short, virtual reality and 3D design are very valid tools for viewing and interacting with objects, furnishings, works of art and environments.

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