GERMANY yesterday recorded a record of 50,196 new Covid infections. This was announced by the health authorities. It is the first time that Germany exceeds 50,000 cases per day since the start of the pandemic, and comes as infections and deaths have soared in recent days. “Even if many citizens are vaccinated, the situation is not good and we must continue to be careful“, said the Social Democrat Olaf Scholz, future German Chancellor, who speaking to the Bundestag said that” Germany must be equipped and made safe for the winter. “Scholz spoke to the assembly presenting the package of measures of the so-called” semaphore “, the coalition of Spd Greens and Liberals working to form the next government, to manage the Covid emergency.” We need a great vaccine campaign “and” we need to focus on the booster “in the coming weeks and months, he explained. Robert Koch Institut assesses the current situation in Germany as “very worrying” and advises “to cancel or avoid large demonstrations , but also to reduce all unnecessary contacts.”
In CHINA, Beijing authorities have sealed off a shopping center and blocked several residential areas due to Covid-19 infections detected in the central districts of the city. The Raffles City shopping center in Dongcheng, a central area of ​​the capital with offices and homes, was closed last night after the discovery that a close contact of an infected person had visited it, Beijing Youth Daily reported. The exits were closed and all staff and customers within the commercial facility were testedto nucleic acid. Videos shared on the Weibo social media platform, Twitter in Mandarin, showed the long lines in the middle of the night and hundreds of people wearing masks waiting for tests. As more and more countries are loosening anti-pandemic measures, China continues to pursue a ‘zero tolerance’ policy, with a squeeze on borders largely closed since the start of the pandemic. The National Health Commission reported today that yesterday 62 new cases of Covid-19 were ascertained (there were 54 on Tuesday), of which 47 of domestic transmission (from 39) and 15 imported, the same number on Tuesday.
Also in the NETHERLANDSnew record of infections from Covid: there are 16,364 new cases in the last 24 hours. This was announced by the health authorities. The previous record was 12,997 infections in December 2020. With the contagion curve rising for days in the Netherlands, there is talk of lockdown again . The National Scientific Committee, according to local media reports, has recommended “lockdown-like measures for a period of two weeks” to the government. The Dutch government will decide in the next few hours and Prime Minister Mark Rutte will hold a press conference tomorrow afternoon. The recommendations of the experts would not concern the closure of schools but could lead to the cancellation of events and the closure of cinemas and theaters as well as changes in the opening hours for bars and restaurants
.UPPER AUSTRIA next Monday there will be a real lockdown for the unvaccinated. Due to the exponential spread of the virus, with an incidence that today is 1,193, those who are not immunized will be able to leave their home only for stringent reasons(work, shopping and motor activities), as during the general lockdowns of the past two winters. “The situation is dramatic, for this reason we are activating phase 5 which will come into effect on Monday”, confirmed the governor Thomas Stelzer to the newspaper Der Standard. We still need the Vienna ok. The same provision is not excluded for the Land of Salzburg. Upper Austria is considered terra no vax with a very low percentage of immunized: just 63% received one dose and 55.4% the second. Only 5.3% have the third dose. In September, the newly founded no-vax party “Menschen – Freiheit – Grundrechte” (Mfg, in Italian “men – liberty – fundamental rights”), born just a year ago from a no-vax chat, reached 6.2% of the consensus in the elections for the land assembly and is now present in the Landtag with three councilors. The protest party has also entered the city council of the capital city Linz with two representatives.
In the UK , after a week, more than 40,000 (42,408) daily infections from Covid rise, albeit on a number of tests increased to more than one million. But both the deaths (to 195 from 212) and the total number of admissions to national hospitals continue to drop, indicated at approximately 8700, 100 less than those recorded yesterday. At the same time, vaccines return to fly, up to 700,000 in the last 24 hours recorded: 500,000 of which are concentrated as third doses of reinforcement (boosters) already available for over a month in the Kingdom of all over-50s, the vulnerable and healthcare personnel.

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