Isabel Preysler will blow out 70 candles this Thursday and the years do not pass through her, only covers of ¬°Hello!In her last one, which has just hit the newsstands, she wears a red dress and her envied clavicle. You might think that she has already told everything, but she still has a secret in the bedroom; as the reason for her moving to Spain from the Philippines when she was only 17 years old.
To say Isabel Preysler is to evoke elegance, not only in dress, but also in behavior, in her knowing how to be, in her correct interview, exemplary mother and sentimental companion admired and adored by the men who have passed through her life. The last one, Mario Vargas LlosaHe gazes at her spellbound in a smaller photo on the cover of his lead publication. Isabel maintains that the only secret to getting along with her partners is “not to fight over the economic part” . With the Nobel Prize winner, for example, the best thing about their relationship is that they have no commitment: “We are together solely and exclusively because we love each other and we are happy,” he says.
It has always been said that this beautiful Filipina, who came to Spain in the 1960sto evolve beyond his homeland, he had a great secret kept deep inside him to conquer the opposite sex. No one has been able to find out that mystery, but the truth is that, no matter how much criticism she has sometimes been able to monopolize, in short distances she fools those around her, and in long distances she does not stop receiving compliments for those perfect looks that she slides on carpets red, photocalls or in any circumstance of your private life.
His appeal remains as intact as when he conquered a singer, in the late 1960s, who was beginning to embrace fame and success: Julio Iglesias .
There are seven decades of a life that if she wrote the script for a television series, she would still conquer the audience, just as she seduced her first husband, the interpreter of Soy un truhan or Hey, who today continues to be the Spanish artist with the greatest projection. international and more albums sold and the father of his three eldest sons, Chabeli, Julio Jose and Enrique.
Later an aristocrat would come into his life who was also captivated, Carlos Falco, Marquis of Grinon , who brought him peace of mind and his most sympathetic daughter, Tamara Falco.
Later, an intelligent politician, Miguel Boyer, crossed his path.then Minister of Economy and Finance and after breaking her second union, she left everything for him until he became her third husband and father of her fifth daughter, Ana Boyer.
Today, having thousands of incredible experiences behind her that her destiny has brought her, Isabel Preysler is happy in the company of Mario Vargas Llosa, silently in love with her. Always surrounded by photographers and being the center of attention at every event she attends, Isabel Preysler does not retire, because she is and will be an indestructible celebrity.

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