The Minister of Health of the Government of Ceuta, Javier Guerrero (PP), presented his “irrevocable” resignation as head of the area on Tuesday, after the controversy caused by having been vaccinated against covid-19.
The resignation of the counselor has taken place just a few days after last Thursday he appeared publicly to show that he had been vaccinated on the recommendation of technicians from the Health area, as confirmed in a statement by the Government of Ceuti. Javier Guerrero presented his resignation as director

this Tuesday morningof Health, Consumption and Government and his resignation from the act of deputy of the Assembly of the Autonomous City of Ceuta.
“This decision has been made after reflecting again and being convinced that, at all times, it has acted correctly and in good faith, knowing that both the City Government and the Popular Party will continue with the management of the pandemic with equal effectiveness, and taking into account that the city is going through a health crisis that requires everyone’s maximum effort and attention,” he explains in the official note sent by the Government chaired by Juan Jesús Vivas (PP).
Javier Guerrero wanted to thank the trustdeposited “first as a member of the electoral list of the Popular Party, and later, as a member of the Autonomous Executive”.
After knowing the resignation of the Ceuti counselor, the national leadership of the PP has recalled the commitment to the exemplary character of the president’s team, Pablo Casado, who last week attributed the departure of the Murcian Minister of Health to pointing out in an interview that he had made clear the demand of his party.
“The Spaniards are beginning to see that the PP not only does not tolerate irregularities in matters of public management and the budget” but that they also want “exemplarity,” the opposition leader pointed out at the time.
The resignation of the Ceuti councilor occurs after last Thursday the president of the Autonomous City of Ceuta, Juan Jesus Vivas (PP), decided not to dismiss him from his functions, understanding that his decision to get vaccinated had been neither “arbitrary nor discretionary”.
The Presidency of the Ceuti Government announced this position after a meeting held by the nine deputies of the Ceuti Government, among whom was Javier Guerrero, as a result of the controversy caused by his vaccination and the request for dismissal by the political parties. PSOE, Vox and Movement for Dignity and Citizenship (MDyC).
The technicians of the Ministry of Health had transferred a report to the president of the City indicating that the administration of the covid-19 vaccine to the councilor of the area was recommended by the Ministry’s own Public Health officials in the course of a meeting held on the 13th to monitor the vaccination campaign in compliance with the National Strategy, and of which the minutes are recorded.
“It has not been, therefore, an arbitrary or discretionary decision, but it is endorsed by the Public Health services that participated in said meeting”, he has valued.
For this reason, Juan Vivas understood that in the current health situation “it is not considered pertinent” to promote a “change” at the head of the Ministry of Health that could “disturb its normal functioning.”
However, in the last few days the possibility of the dismissal or resignation of the Ceuti councilor had been considered, especially as a consequence of the criticism that arose both locally and nationally over this situation.
Francisco Javier Guerrero Gallego, who is a doctor by profession, held the position of Minister of Health since the beginning of this Legislature.

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