The corner kitchen represents the ideal solution in modern environments , the kitchen is the center of the house, and the place where dishes are prepared and where the first steps of the day take place, which is why the need to make the environment functional and of vital importance.

  • Corner kitchens: between functional and modular arrangement
  • The working triangle optimizes space in corner kitchens
  • Visible tools and geometric lines
  • Corner kitchens: love at first sight!
  • Economic corner kitchen
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Corner kitchens: between functional and modular arrangement
Corner kitchens are the perfect solution for open spaces , typical of modern environments.
Making the choice fall on a modern corner kitchen , but also a retro one, can be a necessity due to the connections or the arrangement that you want to give to the house rather than purely aesthetic whim .
In any case, the key motivation that makes the choice fall on a corner kitchen is dictated by future comfort and functionality, placing the emphasis on constant use that does not tire.
The first step to move well in a confined space, such as in corner kitchens, and to choose the right arrangement for the elements, only in this way will you be able to take advantage of all the spaces and make movements easy and functional.
Keeping a good distance between the sink, refrigerator and hob is a winning strategy for setting up a corner kitchen that is perfect from every point of view.
The other appliances, although useful for the purposes of the service that corner kitchens will have to offer, prove to be secondary, given that these elements are the key points to be taken into consideration in the design phase. Once the composition module has been established, attention can be shifted to the pure aesthetic aspect, choosing style, materials and arrangement of the wall units.The operating triangle optimizes space in corner kitchens
“Optimize spaces” with space-saving elements is a necessary solution especially if the choice to use corner kitchens is due to aesthetic requirements such as having a continuous line between the living area and the kitchen , open spaces are the clear example of how a continuity of style is necessary, especially in modern environments.
To contain food and make corner kitchens functional environments, you can use the revolving and retractable baskets, if our choice falls on small corner kitchens, you can use components and accessories that amplify the space of use if necessary.
The magic formula is to succeedcreate a perfect triangle that allows you to have everything you need available.
Although in corner kitchens it is important to have all the elements close together, it is equally important to maintain a distance between the elements in order to be able to move safely and not risk unwanted domestic accidents.
The apexes of the operating triangle are the sink, refrigerator and stove.
The sink must be positioned in the corner, the corner version is the most suitable and used in corner kitchens, while the other appliances must follow the rule by following the first.
If the wall units can be hung on the wall, creating a pleasant visual space and furnishing, the added value of choosing a small corner kitchen is the addition of a snack top, the insertion of swivel and pull-out baskets as well as columns rotating, exploiting the depth of the spaces reveals the extra gear to have a rich and varied pantry.
Containing and maximizing the available space is synonymous with functionality in modern corner kitchens and more. Exposed tools and geometric lines
Corner kitchens must be studied in detail, to allow full use and avoid dark areas.
The wall units, generally modular, are necessary to contain the food to be prepared rather than pots and dishes.
To optimize space, an original idea is to attach small shelves to the wall to which you can add hooks to hang your “everyday” tools : wooden spoons, special knives, designer ladles.
Likewise, the additional shelves can have a double function, housing jars containing spices, coffee, sugar and salt.
The shelves can become a nice piece of furniture, creating a chromatic nuance between the holders it will be possible to create a point of color.
The food preparation plan of the corner kitchens needs particular attention, it is possible to add an additional worktop, perhaps retractable, thus allowing a much larger space for maneuver.
Using these precautions you will be able to have a corner kitchen that can be transformed according to your needs .
The integration of LED spotlights on the wall units allows for more light and to be able to use the moderate corner kitchen at all times of the day, especially in smaller solutions, the light factor takes on significant importance. Corner kitchens: love at first sight!
The appreciation for corner kitchens is expanding like wildfire.
The adaptability of these compositions is unlimited and adaptable to any floor plan, if studied with knowledge of the facts, corner kitchens become the perfect place in the house!
Wherever the sizes of the rooms allow, integrating a corner kitchen with a peninsula is the perfect solution.
By positioning the hob on the peninsula, with an exposed hood, you can use the corner kitchen top for processing the dishes.
By adding stools around the peninsula, it will be possible to recreate a more intimate environment that does not oblige the kitchen attendant to exclude himself from conversations with other diners.
Another solution is to keep the fires away from the peninsula, avoiding the mixing of smells, which could sometimes be annoying.
This choice is directly proportional to the spaces available.
Sometimes, the small sizes direct preferences towards a small corner kitchen compared to a linear kitchen. In this case it is important to pay attention to the flooring. The corner kitchen could be framed by a different and less delicate floor, as regards cleaning and deterioration, compared to the rest of the environment. Choosing a tile that matches the floor of the room can be a special touch to make the kitchen space unique, even at a simple glance.
Respect for the chromatic table should not be underestimated either.
Maintaining a continuous line between the colors dedicated to the relaxation area and those directed towards the kitchen area is important to avoid excessive differences.
Matching the wall covering to the floor that delimits the corner kitchen frame is the extra idea to keep the atmosphere intact and create a special corner. Economic corner kitchen
Yes you can!

The possibility of creating custom-made furniture that perfectly suits the destination environment suggests that the costs for this furniture reach exorbitant prices.
Maintain a fair compromise between quality of materials and respect for aestheticsit turns out to be an excellent observation especially when the budget is limited. What to do
Optimizing spaces and installing a particular corner kitchen is possible, giving vent to the creative vein and dedicating oneself to the art of DIY home decorations, it is possible to buy the necessary components and choose to build the wall units that will compose and define the economic corner kitchen .
The wall units can be exposed shelves which, once the compromise of a constant order has been reached, can be recovered from previous installations.
In this way you will be able to have an economic corner kitchen without begging on the quality factor of the materials.
The practicality of the economic corner kitchens and the particular aesthetics make the furnishing of this environment special.
The possibility of customization makes corner kitchens unique. The ideal solution for those who do not want to give up a touch of originality and have functional furniture.

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