The publication of the guide addressed “mainly to women who practice prostitution”, as well as to entities that collaborate in the fight against sexist violence, has sparked controversy in Marbella , where feminists request its withdrawal and the City Council considers it appropriate.
The edition of this guide published by the council has run into opposition from the Marbella Feminist association , which has requested its withdrawal on the understanding that it intends to “normalize prostitution” as a job opportunity for women in precarious situations, or the PSOE , which considers that it includes “aberrant” content.
In relation to the publication on sexist violence and the rights of prostitutes, the City Council’s Equality delegate, Isabel Cintado, lamented “ignorance” of the document by the Marbella Feminist association, which she has accused of an “attempt of manipulation”.
Cintado explained in a statement that “this year the council understood it appropriate, as a local entity, to accept the responsibility of making visible the sexist violence that these women suffer, as well as providing them with an information tool regarding the rights that assist them.”
The mayor has pointed out that this guide “is the result of work attached to Measure 266 of the State Pact against Gender Violence” and “the measure in question is inserted in Axis 8. Visualization and attention to other forms of violence against women”, he specified.
The head of Equality has insisted that it makes express reference to “disseminating by public administrations information on sexist violence among women who practice prostitution and the rights that assist them.”
The publication “is not a guide on prostitution and work, as Marbella Feminista wanted to make it appear”, said Cintado, and also includes information on “a series of resources where you can go if you suffer fromany of this violence, as well as to leave in the situation in which they find themselves”.
In addition, it is not only addressed to those who practice prostitution, but to those who provide “services in the fight against sexist violence, provide resources and care for women who precisely suffer other forms of violence that are accompanied by greater vulnerability, precariousness and exclusion”, he added.
The guide, of an “eminently practical and operational nature” , has information at the Andalusian level and it addresses “issues as relevant as access to justice, protection in all its diversities, the right to health, to registration or labor rights”, has detailed the mayor.
He recalled that “the contents of the guide have not left a regulatory framework” and this one, “categorically, is against human trafficking or normalizing prostitution as a job opportunity.”

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