How many of you plan their appointments based on “hair washing”
It already seems a challenge to find time for a quick shampoo , conditioner or mask , to leave on for a maximum of 5 minutes and then do a quick blow-dry and, often , not even that. So why not take advantage of this time available in quarantine to devote yourself to a complete haircare routine
Just like the skin of the face, even the hair occasionally needs some extra pampering, to appear bright, full, full-bodied and to recover from a straightener and iron. that are often abused. The pre shampoo treatment that restores the hair
Pre shampoo treatmentsthey are very effective as shock treatments, because they are often left on for a long time , not the usual five minutes of the mask. They are intensive and act by nourishing and hydrating the hair deeply and they exist for any need. In addition, they are also perfect for those with oily hair, because they allow you to provide the right dose of active ingredients without weighing down the hair or making it dirty, since you will then shampoo it.
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There are many on the market, suitable for skin problems, with soothing, calming, anti-dandruff and rebalancing ingredients , but also for extremely dry, treated or colored hair. Usually they are applied to dry or slightly damp hair and left on for half an hour to overnight, and then proceed with the usual washing. In reality, however, they can also be easily created at home : there are many recipes to try, the most classic pear is a package with olive oil and honey or with neutral henna , to be applied on all hair, especially the lengths. The scrub to stimulate circulation and help hair growth
A product that is rarely talked about is the scrub for the scalp . It is a treatment to be done once a week (or every two, in the case of sensitive skin) which allows, just as with the skin of the face, toeliminate dead skin and stimulate cell renewal . They are products rich in active ingredients and essential oils and as well as soothing and rebalancing, they are also stimulants for hair growth . In fact, the exfoliating action, combined with the ingredients and the massage, favors the microcirculation , helping the hair to strengthen and grow faster. Like a normal face scrub, it is applied to the skin and massaged, then proceed with the normal shampoo.
Source: 123rf The delicate but effective shampoo, to eliminate any residue
In the case of a complete hair routine like this, the choice of shampoo is important. In fact, delicate and non-aggressive products are needed, which do not make the scalp pinch but which, at the same time, are effective in removing the pre-shampoo pack and scrub residues, if performed. In fact, almost certainly two passes will be necessary , the first to eliminate the accumulated products and the second, lighter and with less soap, to make sure you have cleaned your hair well. The conditioner, the best friend of your knots and the mask, to prevent frizz
After shampooing , it is important to apply a softening product that detangles the knots , such as conditioner. If you have performed a very rich pre-shampoo treatment and left it on a lot or if you intend to apply a mask as well, use a light one , whose function is precisely to remove knots and discipline the hair . If, on the other hand, you will not make a mask later, choose a richer and more moisturizing conditioner and keep it in place for a few more minutes.
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After having kept the conditioner in place for the necessary time, rinse and apply a mask . Their function is to moisturize and nourish the hair , make it soft , easy to comb and prevent frizz. However, they exist for all hair types and are a valid ally for styling. Choose a mask for wavy and curly hair , usually more moisturizing but less heavy, if you have this type, a more full-bodied mask if you want to get straight hair or a moisturizing mask with low percentages of oils, if you have thin or oily hair. In this case, also avoid applying it to the skin, but concentrate only on the lengths, as in the case of the conditioner. Sprays, serums, nourishing oils, mousse and heat protectors before drying
After having dried the hair and removed the excess water, it is time to apply the styling products .Nourishing and softening oils for dry and arid hair, serums to hydrate them without weighing them down, mousses and creams for styling curly hair. The important thing is to test and find your own combination, because you can often combine different products, but it is easy to overdo the quantities and end up with greasy and dirty-looking hair.
A fundamental product for styling , however, is the heat protector : its function is to protect from the heat of drying with a hairdryer, diffuser but above all iron and plate. It is applied as a last product , just before using the hot tools, and even in this case they existlight sprays for fine and oily hair or more full-bodied creams , for those with drier and more treated hair.
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