In recent years we have heard more and more of colon inflammation and a sluggish bowel. This is a phenomenon that does not surprise the experts in the sector: the increasingly stressful rhythms of life, the diet rich in fatty and particularly processed foods are just some of the causes that tend to compromise the well-being of the intestine. It is therefore necessary to understand what the consequences could be and what remedies to adopt for colon cleansing.

What remedies to adopt for bowel well-being and colon

cleansing Colon cleansing is essential to restore the right balance in our intestine and in general of the whole organism. Ailments such as fatigue, constant headaches, sudden weight gain or skin irritation indicate that something is wrong: our body cannot function harmoniously and a colon cleansing can restore the well-being of the intestine . But how colon cleansing works
As always, nutrition is the first thing to watch out for. Consuming five portions of fruit and vegetables every day, replacing refined cereals with whole grains and limiting the consumption of red meat and sausages is a good solution for those suffering from constipation and to promote intestinal transit , reducing the sense of bloating that results from poor digestion.
There are also super foods that can help us incolon cleansing process . In first place, flax seeds and chia seeds stand out. Rich in Omega 3 and fiber, they stabilize the intestinal cell walls, reducing the sense of bloating. In addition, they produce a gel that increases the amount of fecal mass. So as to soften it and promote intestinal transit even in subjects suffering from hemorrhoids, anal fissures and colitis. Also recommended is avocado, which is rich in soluble and insoluble fibers capable of promoting peristalsis, helping us to free the colon and provide for the well-being of the intestine. Foods rich in chlorophyll are essential: spinach, green olives, asparagus, cabbage and peas retard the growth of bacteria in our stomach and contribute to colon cleansing .

The most effective supplements for the lazy intestine
And if nutrition is not enough
To promote intestinal transit it is possible to take targeted supplements . Also widely used is dandelion, a plant with known purifying properties capable of stimulating biliary activity and ridding the body of toxins. Among the most appreciated properties are those of the gentian. Thanks to the amarogentana extract, it acts on the production of gastric mucus and improves the motility of the digestive tract. We also recommend fennel-based supplements to those suffering from lazy intestines . Known for its calming properties and ideal for those suffering from intestinal cramps, and the rhubarb extract,natural laxative used since ancient times.
And the contraindications
Be careful not to overdo it! And to limit the use of laxatives that could irritate the colon and alter regularity. Using natural supplements and improving nutrition is the safest way to help a lazy bowel and live better.

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