The defeat of Ferrara postponed parties and tears. Of joy, of course, but also of “sorrow” for an announcement that was in the air: Andrea Barzagli does not lose his coolness and clarity even to formalize his retirement from football. He wanted to do it on the day of the eighth consecutive Scudetto on the bulletin board, but Spal and fate have postponed the celebrations.
Not the farewell, however, that the world champion now hopes to coincide with the Champions League final on 1 June in Madrid. That cup would be the best gift from colleagues to celebrate the “retirement” of this flag capable of entering the history of Juve with dedication, passion and humility. Taken in January 2011 by Wolfsburg for just 300 thousand euros, the bianconero “wall” has experienced the golden cycle of Conte and Allegri: 9 seasons, 280 appearances and almost 16 titles on the bulletin board certify his success, the rest comes from Juventus fans ready to celebrate Barzagli in the best way to thank him.
«Years will pass to understand the extent of this enterprise 8 in a row are extraordinary, because a year can happen that something goes wrong. Instead we have really done something unique ”
With him hanging up his boots, the BBC, Barzagli-Bonucci and Chiellini lose a pillar and another excellent farewell after the departures of Buffon and Marchisio. «There are many reasons behind this choice – explains Andrea Barzagli after the defeat in Ferrara -: in May I will be 38 and I realized that I have struggled more than in other years, with many injuries. In the last three months I realized that I would not have returned to the level of this team: I thought of continuing somewhere else, but in Juve I was at the top and it was right to finish like this ».
Now a new scenario opens up: Allegri has already proposed him as defense coach and the club does not want to lose this charismatic and strong senator. «Now there is a bit of confusion: I am attracted to everything in the world of football and in the coming months I will evaluate well. It’s nice to have Juve giving you a chance ”
The match with Spal becomes a terminus for Barzagli, even if rumors have been circulating for some time of his farewell at the end of the season, but it could also have been the passing of the generation baton. Alongside the defender was Paolo Gozzi, born in 2001 and twenty years apart. «I put myself in his shoes – explains the former blue, in his 350th presence as a starter in Serie A – and it is always good to encourage young players. Give peace of mind, then he was good: good game, with personality. We wanted to finish with the Scudetto and, except for me, we were a good team of “boys”. They are determined, while over the years I have seen little desire to improve in young people: my advice is to make yourself available to those who know more and improve ». He speaks like a great sage, ready for a new life off the pitch.
«Playing football was my childhood dream, what I wanted and I have always done it with great enthusiasm. Now I have to find something that gives me the same enthusiasm ”

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