There is one thing that all of humanity agrees on: changing your wardrobe is a real hell . Although we are looking forward to taking out our summer clothes and saying goodbye (for the moment) to everything related to the cold, putting away our winter clothes makes us a bit of a ball . Trying on clothes, washing, ironing, storing… A real nightmare, especially if, in addition, we have little space to change the wardrobe safely and not even the most original ideas for organizing the wardrobe are useful.
It’s time to put away jackets and coats, put aside sweaters and scarves to store them foreverin the ten euro wardrobe that fits all your winter clothes and finally embrace the skirts, shorts and short dresses that summer brings us . Now, when you make room, you will be able to sign the wardrobe with which you will not worry about your jumpsuits and long dresses again. But for this, you must first arm yourself with patience and decide to make the wardrobe change .
Even if you have little space, storing winter clothes safely is possible if you know how to distribute them in different spaces. The closet, under the bed, in the garage… We tell you all the tricks that Ikea’s expert decorators have revealed to us to store winter clothes correctly .
The warmth is beginning to show and we can start putting away those thicker and heavier garments to take out cooler ones. For that, it doesn’t matter if your storage area is under the bed or in the garage. In this article we show you how to use any available space to store your winter clothes and sports equipment safely.
A first piece of advice

Choose the type of boxes well for each location and thing . This way you will keep all your clothes intact and in very good condition for next year’s winter. Discover how to store your winter clothes safely in five different spaces and succeed with your wardrobe change .

How to store winter clothes in the closet
For many of us, the closet is one of the few storage spaces available , so it is extremely important to use it efficiently .
The top shelf, for example, is one of those areas that is worth taking advantage of, as it can offer you a lot of extra storage space . You can store your clothes there (well folded, always) in cardboard or cloth boxes , as they offer perfect ventilation for natural fibers , such as wool. If, in addition, you are going to store your clothes in drawers, it will be great to have breathable storage bags , since they will maintain proper ventilation and protect your clothes from dust and dirt.
Do you want a trick for the smallest accessories

If you have to store clothes like hats and gloves, nothing like organizing them in smaller plastic bags . And it is that they are perfect to protect them in the boxes and make it easy to find what you are looking for when unpacking them again.
And if you’ll allow us an extra touch, add some lavender or cedar blocks to keep pesky moths away. In addition, it will leave a most pleasant aroma .

How to store winter clothes under the bed

When you have very little storage space , do not underestimate the value of a little more space under the bed. Add a couple of shallow boxes or drawers (and if they have wheels, even better) and fill them with clothes in individual storage bags (even large paper bags will do). It is also a perfect place for shoes.
What’s more, the space under the bed is perfect for storing those clothes that are bulkier or more complicated to store elsewhere. For example, it is fantastic to put the stuffing of the duvet, cushions and the rest of the bedding that occupies more . It is also a perfect place for shoes.
So that everything is perfect from one year to the next, do not forget to wash or take your clothes to the dry cleaner before packing themfor a long season, as well as cleaning and disinfecting your shoes well and putting a last on them to keep their shape.

How to store winter clothes in the attic

Without a doubt, attics offer us more space . So take advantage and look for large plastic boxes that you can stack as high as you need. They are perfect for wet areas and as they are transparent you will be able to see what is inside without having to undo the pile and search inside whenever you need to find something.
Label the boxes that are not transparent, indicating their content. A plastic clothes rail and sleeves are perfect for storing clothes you don’t want to fold, plusThey protect them from stains, dust and moisture .

How to store winter clothes in the closet

In a smaller space, like a closet, you have to think more strategically . Not everything has to be kept in boxes. If your closet is big enough, hang the most delicate items in garment bags and put them at the end of the rod . Upstairs, large fabric baskets can hold smaller bags, hats, gloves, and scarves.

The natural materials of the baskets guarantee perspiration ; simply put the accessories in clean cotton bags or pillowcases, and add some cedar or lavender blocks against moths and other critters.

How to store winter clothes in the garage

This is where you can store your heavier winter sports equipment . Add rigid shelving for bulkier items like ski boots and ice skates, as well as boxes of clothing and other items.

Hang large hooks for longer things , like hockey sticks and skis, and a rod to hang your coats and other winter gear . Opt for resistant plastic boxes for storage and bags and covers for clothes . They are the best at keeping dirt and moisture away.

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