You have little time to devote to cleaning the house
Daily commitments make it impossible for us to keep our home as tidy and neat as we would like. But don’t worry: today I will reveal some tricks to follow to clean the house in a few minutes. The first rule: little and often
One of the first rules to clean the house in a few minutes is to do it “a little and often”.
Let me explain: after having carried out a major thorough cleaning, perhaps carving out a day just for that, if you dedicate a few minutes every day to maintaining the results , you will always be able to keep your home clean without wasting too much time.
Practical example: pass a dust-catching cloth every day on the surfaces most subject to dust such as the bookcase, TV or PC screens, shelves in general. Microfiber cloths catch all the dirt in an instant, see is believe.
Give a quick sweep to the rooms you use the most, like the kitchen. After dinner, use the broom or vacuum cleaner under the table and in front of the stove to prevent crumbs and food residues from accumulating that you could step on and carry around the house.
Purchase sanitizing wipes to give the sanitary ware a quick wipe, especially at the sink after you’ve brushed your teeth or after shaving. This way they will always be clean.
In summary: the secret is to give a “tap” every day very quickly in order to avoid having to do the big cleaning all together. “Cleaning on the clean side” is simpler and faster because it will take up less than 15 minutes of your time. Oven, Fridge and Floors
Larger surfaces such as floors or large appliances deserve a separate discussion. Obviously it is unthinkable to clean them every day, but there are some daily precautions that will allow you to greatly streamline the amount of time needed to devote to their cleaning. Fridge: the refrigerator is perhaps the most hateful household appliance to clean. Fighting against bad smells and humidity is not easy at all, but there are some small tricks that will help you make this operation less tiring.
Place half a lemon on one of the compartments: it is an antibacterial and will “absorb” any bad smells. Potatoes are also very useful for this, the only difference is that they are less fragrant.
Place sauces and open jars in containers and tubs. Alternatively, you can use a simple sheet of kitchen paper so you don’t stain the plastic. The microwave or oven: remove the plate and trays from the oven and microwave after using them, soak them, and wash them immediately together with the other dishes. In this way you will avoid that they become encrusted becoming impossible to clean
And as regards the floors
Before we saw that among the golden rules of “little and often” there was sweeping the broom in the most crucial points after every dinner (or lunch , as you prefer). But I would like to give you another piece of advice: remove the most visible stains immediately, so as not to step on them and leave footprints all over the house.
If you have pets, use a micro-fiber cloth in the areas that your four-legged friends use most to remove most of the hair.
Finally, try to avoid walking in your outdoor shoes as much as possible. When you get home, put on your slippers as soon as possible and when getting ready to go out, put on your footwear last thing, before your coat. You will notice the difference immediately!

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