There are many of us today who use earphones. Practical, comfortable, they allow you to hear better, have your hands free and not have to hold your mobile phone. But there is one thing we often forget to do, which is that they need a good cleaning. In this article, you will find out how to clean the headphones and which products to use.

  • Why you don’t have to lend earphones
  • What are earphones
  • How to clean the headphones
  • How to clean your AirPods from earwax
  • Tips for keeping the earphones clean longer

Why You Shouldn’t Loan Headphones
If you are one of that group of people who refuse to borrow or borrow headphones, you are right.
Numerous ENT and university studies agree that headphones and earphones should never be loaned to anyone. They can contain numerous bacteria, cause infections and even cause hearing damage. They are made in one size and for this reason they can fall often, especially during running or sports sessions, accumulating dirt. What are earphones
Earphones, also known as in-ear headphones, are small wireless devices that are inserted into the ear canal. They all have a similar design, allowing you to talk on your mobile with greater comfort or, if you listen to music, with better sound quality . Some are small and inexpensive, other models are larger in size and can be quite expensive. There are some that even exceed 1200 euros. Since these are devices to be kept inside our ears, it is better not to buy the ones at bargain prices or on the stalls. How to clean the headphones
Bacteria and other potentially pathogenic agents are stopped and amalgamated with earwax, which acts as a protective shield. If we lend the headphones without first cleaning them well, we can pass them on to other people. Even keeping the in-ear in your bag without a case, in your pocket or left lying around without the protective and antigenic box, can introduce dirt and bacteria into your ears.
To clean them in the right way, never immerse the earphones or charging cases in any type of liquid, they would damage them.
Depending on the model of your headphones, you should remove the cushions and stretch the headband as much as possible, so that you can reach every nook and cranny.
To start cleaningyou can use a toothbrush, it removes dirt and dust. Do this without scrubbing too hard and choose one with nylon bristles, they are the best.
When finished, wipe with a lint-free microfibre cloth moistened in alcohol, or a wipe already soaked in disinfectant product. The silicone pads can be washed by immersing them in a solution of water with a few drops of dish soap for half an hour, then you have to rinse them well.
Let the earphones and cushions air dry, without exposing them to direct heat sources such as a hairdryer, for at least 15 minutes before using them or storing them in a case. How to clean AirPods from earwax
In the “support” section, Apple gives some tips on cleaningAirPods, to keep them clean, efficient and avoid infections.
For cleaning as a product you can use 75% ethyl alcohol, never to pass on the speaker grille, on the perforated band of the headband, or on the pads of the AirPods Max .
Do not use bleach or hydrogen peroxide, nor immerse the devices in cleaning solutions.
Always clean Smart Cases with a soft, lint-free cloth, making sure that liquids do not enter the openings. Do not use them until they are completely dry.
To clean the pads and headband of the AirPods Max use 1 teaspoon of liquid laundry detergent in 1 glass of water. Remove the bearings from the pavilions, turn the device upside down, wipe with a well-wrung cloth dipped in the solution and then a second cloth slightly moistened with fresh water. Allow the AirPods Max to dry for at least a day before reattaching the pads and using them again. Tips to keep your earphones clean for longer
By following small rules you won’t have to clean your earphones and AirPods often:

  • store them in a case when not in use;
  • never keep them in your pocket, backpack or bag without protection;
  • also clean the protective case with a microfiber cloth;
  • when playing sports, avoid keeping the earphones in gym shorts or clothing that can get wet with sweat, but in a waterproof case.
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