Sometimes a player who starts from the bench, enters the field and literally breaks the game, as happened to Chiesa in the history of the 2020 European Championship, which consecrates him as a formidable player. The Juve striker and son of art and, together with Enrico, is the first father and son couple in which both have achieved at least one goal at the European championships.
Growing up in Fiorentina , he moved to Juventus last season , where he proves to everyone that he is a great winger, who skips the man with great ease and sees the goal very well. His father, Enrico Chiesa , perhaps had a better shot;Federico, however, from an athletic point of view and dribbling in the long space seems even superior to his very good parent.
In the video below, which dates back many years, is a prophecy of him, who apparently kept his promise and went even further.

Despite his relatively young age, Chiesa immediately became a fundamental pivot of Juve and Mancini’s Italy , after having impressed well with the Italian Under21 team.

Church History of the European 2020 – Mancini’s journey with Italy
Following his trafficking among the national youth teams, on April 9, 2017Ventura summons him for the first time with the senior national team, on the occasion of an internship. On 23 March Di Biagio, interim technical commissioner, made him debut in the friendly lost against Argentina ; from then on, Roberto Mancini always calls him and gives him a great space in his team.

Nations League 2020-2021
In the edition of the Nations League 2020-2021 , Chiesa plays 4 games and it may be that he will also be present in the match against Spain . The semifinal will be played in October and will be a sort of second round, after the semifinal of Euro 2020 , although we hope that the winning team will still be theItaly .

Qatar 2022 World Cup Qualifiers
In the World Cup qualifiers in Qatar in December 2022 , Chiesa has so far played against Northern Ireland, Bulgaria and Lithuania. Surely the Juventus striker will also find space in the next valid matches to access the world championship.

Church History of the 2020 European Championship – Euro 2020
In the first matches Federico does not start the game; it seems, in fact, that during the match against the Under20 team lost by the senior national team, the coach was not happy with the performance of Chiesa, Belotti and Emerson Palmieriand this is not a good sign.
In the debut match Italy – Turkey , Mancini therefore decides to bet on Berardi who is one of the protagonists of the clear victory for 3 to 0. In this match, the Juventus player enters at minute 81 in place of Insigne and has too little space to leave a any footprint. In the match against Switzerland , more or less the same script is staged and only the minutes of Chiesa change , who enters at 69 ‘and has the opportunity to show something more.
The third match of the group sees many second lines on the pitch against Wales and Federicostarts from the beginning in the role of right winger. In the first half he goes very close to the net twice and his performance is of a high level. The direct opponent always jumps on the wing and in the second half he offers an inviting ball to Belotti who misses. He appears completely impregnable and seeks the goal with great insistence, showing that he has a great desire to play.
The round of 16 and the semifinal are the matches in which Italy encounters the greatest difficulties and, in both situations, the Church unlocks . Against Austria , starting from the bench, he enters in the 84th minute instead of Berardi,who appears in the shadows and does not play his best game. The Juventus player, on the other hand, immediately showed what he was made of when at the beginning of the first half overtime he received the ball from Belotti and immediately sought the goal with a strong but central shot.
A minute later he lights up the game by controlling a tricky pass from Spinazzola , jumping the opponent with a touch and kicking with a left foot; the net is beautiful and has a very high difficulty coefficient, as you can see below.

In the 118th minute the Juventus player threatens to score the 3-1 goal by beating the goalkeeper with a lob but an Austrian defender saves the goal at the last minute. A flicker was needed and the attacker took over from the bench; never change was more appropriate.
Against Belgium , Italy plays the best game and Mancini decides to let the Juve winger play from the start. Chiesa plays very well, like the rest of the team, guaranteeing great quality and quantity, even if he doesn’t manage to get on the net.
The semifinal is a battle and Spain puts the Azzurri in great difficulty. Now the coach always puts him on the field and, in comparison with the Spaniards, he has to contend with a full-back of the caliber of Jordi Alba, which in the first half limits him a lot. In the second half, once again, the flicker that unlocks the game and his; after a rebound from the defense, with a splendid right-footed shot he beats goalkeeper Simon . The network, proposed below, blows up the whole of Italy and makes Fabio Caressa scream with joy , once again placing ‘the church at the center of the village’.

For the whole match the Spaniards put us under and Italy won on penalties; fundamental and, however, the goal of the attacker, certainly the best of the blues in this difficult match.
The final sees England’s cold goal with Shaw and Italyslowly gain ground, after a difficult start. In the first half Chiesa plays on the right and becomes dangerous towards the end of the game with a shot that goes out a little. Mancini moves him to the left at the beginning of the second half and plays them even better, making him impregnable for the English, who are unable to stop him in any way.
He does not score but is the most dangerous blue and in the 84th minute he is forced to go out due to an injury and then celebrates the victory of Italy on penalties; with him on the pitch in such a big dusting maybe the game would not have reached the penalties but all is well what ends well.

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