Christmas looks have that special halo that we love. Whether it’s because we’ll meet up with our loved ones again or because we’re a bunch of nonas, the fact is that at Christmas we never leave anything to chance . At least when it comes to our styling. Hence, we have already more than studied Christmas makeup, we have resorted to some of the most demanded beauty treatments and, in addition, we are soaking up the top manicure trends.
At this point it is almost impossible to make an appointment in the salons of some, all the gaps are taken because we all want to have the perfect manicure for these dates. You have been super farsighted and you wrote down in your diary long ago the long-awaited meeting with your favorite manicurist, but you still haven’t thought about what design you want to do .
We have some ideas to inspire you. The most Christmas colors are red, green and burgundy , and that is why they are always a safe bet to include in your manicure, although if you want to bet on a more striking and special design you can opt for gold, a colored French manicure , or Christmas- inspired details like candy canes, snowflakes or silver sparkles .
Brown is another of the colors of the autumn-winter season, so a manicure in these shades will also be a success. It doesn’t matter which design you finally choose, the important thing is that you are comfortable with your manicure, whether you opt for one with a thousand colors and details, or for a classic French manicure. In case inspiration fails at the last moment, we have the 11 perfect manicures to shine this Christmas , whatever your style.

Nude manicure with a special touch, perfect for the most classic girls

If you are looking for a simple and inconspicuous design, this is the one for you. In a nude color, so you can endure every Christmas with the same neutral tone and don’t get tired of looking at your manicure, and with some golden detailsthat they end up giving that Christmas touch that we like so much.

Dark red and gold, the most Christmassy combination

Red is the quintessential color of Christmas, so opting for a manicure in these shades is the most popular option at this time. If you are looking for a special manicure without being extravagant , you can combine a classic red manicure with gold details.

French manicure with Christmas details

The French manicure has become very fashionable again this past year , but the classic design does not have to be boring. You can choose to decorate some of your nails with gold glitter, reflections and little stars to give your manicure a Christmas and super special touch.

Red French Manicure with Christmas Spirit

Once you try it it’s hard to get out of the French manicure, it’s classic, stylish and makes your hand look much more elegant. If you are willing to risk a little this Christmas , bet on a French manicure in red tones and add some Christmas detail like this Santa Claus hat that is as discreet as it is fun.

Burgundy manicure with silver accents Whether

you’re team gold or team silver, there’s a perfect manicure for you. This design is simple and super elegant, a classic burgundy base with silver slanted stripes. If you usually wear gold accessoriesYou can opt for the details in gold, and if you see too much of the design, you can always decide to put stripes on just a few.

In nude color and with dots, elegance in your hands

If your favorite motto in terms of manicures is less is more, this perfect design is for your Christmas. Base in nude color and small dots to make a difference . You can choose the details in colors that combine with your Christmas looks and look super combined.

Manicure in brown tones perfect for any outfit

If you prefer to forget the Christmas theme and are just looking for an elegant manicure to show off at your hangouts, opt for a manicure like this one. In brown tones, super on trend this seasonThis design will look great with any outfit you wear.

Green and bright, perfect and elegant

manicure This manicure in bright green tones is perfect to wear super elegant nails without giving up a special and different option . In addition, it is a design that you can order in the color you prefer and it is ideal in some shorts.
Manicure: @lisa_nails0901

Wavy lines, black and gold, the perfect combination to stand out

Black never fails, but for parties the most fun is to innovate a little. Dare this Christmas with a nude-based design that mixes black, gold and wavy lines. You will have, without a doubt, the most original manicure of all events.
Manicure: @gelpolish_bar

Blue French manicure, the favorite of influencers

This manicure is the favorite of many influencers because it stylizes the hand, lasts a long time and combines with all looks. It is not the most Christmassy, ​​but it is perfect to spend these holidays with well-groomed nails and give a super elegant effect to your outfits.

The most fun manicure to enjoy Christmas

If you spend the whole year with perfect nails but always choose a very simple design, Christmas is the perfect time to opt for a fun manicure . Fill your nails with lights, gingerbread men, candy canes and Christmas trees.
Manicure: @nedtodonail

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