There are those who live it in complete tranquility, those who are anxiously waiting for it, those who bang their heads every time because they never give it what to give. Every year the temperatures drop, sweaters, jackets and quilts reappear, the hands of the clock return to solar time, All Saints pass, the Dead pass, and in no time at all Christmas arrives . More or less large towns and cities change face for the occasion. In the streets the lights appear. On each door there are greetings, colored or sparkling. The shop windows are transformed, full of shiny new products, displayed as potential gifts, together with small decorations, such as red, silver or gold balls, tiny Santas, strings of LEDs with intermittent colored, white, green, blue lights.
The festive atmosphere that already at the end of November takes to meander in the streets and squares finds a warm and welcoming echo in the intimacy of the houses. At the beginning of December the ritual of decorating the house for Christmas recalls the whole family . Children are thrilled to choose the decorations for the Christmas tree and arrange them independently, as they wish, always with the help and supervision of their parents. The crib is another exciting game for the little ones, but also for adults, who free their imagination to come up with new representations. The celebration of Christmas makes every member of the family participate in the celebrations and arouses the enthusiasm of each.
But the beautiful decorations of the Christmas party do not end with the two indispensable objects of the Christmas tree and the Nativity scene. The decorations extend like a thematic red thread in all the spaces of the house , to amplify the joy of an anniversary that brings together the whole family and all loved ones:

  • Choose the Christmas decorations
  • American Christmas decorations
  • Decorating home for Christmas: white or red
  • Small details that create the Christmas atmosphere
  • How to decorate windows for Christmas
  • How to decorate the entrance of the house for Christmas
  • The Christmas decorations to hang on the door
  • Christmas decorations in the bedroom
  • How to decorate the kitchen for Christmas

Choosing Christmas decorations
Those who love Christmas cannot help but decorate their home not only with the traditional tree or the nativity scene , but also with a series of accessories and decorations able to create the typical Christmas atmosphere , festive, warm and welcoming. But be careful to remember that to decorate the house for Christmas it is necessary to follow a series of small precautions , in order not to risk finding yourself with many decorations without continuity or a common thread.
You can therefore choose monochromatic Christmas decorations , focusing onred , gold , white , silver or blue depending on the tastes and also on the style of home furnishings. Alternatively, you can choose a specific theme, which is achievable with pine cones , candles , bells , garlands or other.
Another important question to consider concerns the distribution of the decorations. It is preferable to decorate the whole house, in order to ensure the Christmas atmosphere in every room, or limit yourself to the living room area, where friends and relatives are hosted and spent in company one or more days of the Christmas period
.Christmas furnishings throughout the house, you can select a common theme or a different type of decoration for each room, alternating different styles and colors.
Among the Christmas decorations and the characteristic elements of these holidays, some typical plants cannot be missing. Poinsettias are certainly the most suitable for creating a Christmas atmosphere : depending on the space and your ability to take care of this type of plant, it is possible to choose a large star, to be placed at the entrance near the door, to give welcome guests, or many different plants to be placed on shelves, equipped walls or tables.
The sprigs of mistletoeor holly give a characteristic note to all the decorations. They peek out from the vases in plain sight or are woven into large garlands to be attached to doors, to be placed on a table or to be fixed near the windows. Candles are
also typical Christmas decorationsthat are never lacking in a home that loves to experience the magical atmosphere of Christmas. There are all types, in many versions, from classic white or red cylindrical candles to those made in different shapes, in the shape of a star, fir, angel, Santa Claus and much more. Candles become queens in the center of the Christmas table, on shelves, on the fireplace and in all places where they can be easily admired. Of course, particular attention should be paid when deciding to light candles, so as not to risk damaging the objects placed in their vicinity with heat or wax. American Christmas decorations
In decorating the house for the arrival of Christmas, even the xenophilic taste is admitted. So to give a new, original, unexpected touch to the whole, and a good idea to let yourself be tempted by American Christmas decorations . The Christmas tradition unites all Western countries, but each nation interprets the holiday in a particular way, with its desserts, its typical dishes and its customs. In Italy even every region tells Christmas in a different way. The United States represents Christmas with the filter of abundance.
Decorating the house with American Christmas decorations means forgetting the good rules of sobriety for a few weeks. It means imagining and modeling an explosive tension that completely revolutionizes the surfaces and volumes of the house. American Christmas decorations mix with the furnishings and change their appearance. The furniture designed to be functional, with American Christmas decorations rediscovers its extravagant side.
To decorate the house with American Christmas decorationsit is necessary to abound, multiply the quantity of decorations and lights. The green of the Christmas tree must appear as a background of dots underneath the dense texture of colored balls, garlands, treats and miniature gift boxes, little reindeer with a funny and happy expression. The house is literally strewn with decorations and felt socks. Holly and mistletoe wreaths are a constant feature of the American Christmas setup.
Other objects that are part of the rich arsenal of American Christmas decorations are the glass balls in which a small world is enclosed. In the Christmas cruetsit snows slowly or there is a storm or the sky is clear, depending on how the lucky child of the moment shook them. Inside, Santa’s sleigh is shown, leading it and preparing to bring gifts to young and old. Happy snowmen are also often represented, wearing a red Christmas scarf and a hood of the same color complete with pompoms. Decorating the house for Christmas: white or red
The predominant colors of Christmas are white and red: these are used for decorations, on the table, for packages under the tree, for clothing and for Christmas furnishing fabrics .
When it comes to white Christmasone should not only think of snow, but also of a large number of decorations that can be used to decorate an apartment. Usually, white is widely used to embellish a shabby chic style house with Christmas decorations, for which it is a must to use only light or golden shades, without exaggerating with shimmering shades. A shabby chic style Christmas table can be embellished with pine cones, candles and gold dust scattered along the white tablecloth, just like plates and napkins.
The shabby chic style involves a wide use of wood, so you can decide to give life to more natural Christmas furnishings, using polished but not painted pine cones, perhaps to be combined with small pine or fir branches to create an atmosphere rich in the typical scent of these trees.
Red is the other typical color of Christmas: even if it is very easy to find red accessories for Christmas decorations on the market, we must remember to use this shade with the utmost care, in order not to risk tacky combinations. Beyond the classic Christmas decorations, in fact, red can be chosen to enrich the furniture with fabrics or cushions, to be placed on the sofa or chairs. It is important to choose this type of decoration only if you have an apartment characterized by neutral colors, even better if clear, on which the red stands out, making the Christmas atmosphere even warmer.
Finally, a detail to underline: in addition to the colors, it is good that all the elements that are used, be they candles or trays, cushions or other, have a typically Christmas graphics, with angels , stars , stylized snowflakes or other. . Conversely, they may seem like only red, white or golden accessories, not able to convey that atmosphere of magic and serenity given by Christmas. Small details that create the Christmas atmosphere
Who does not love the pomp of decorations in every room and in every corner and prefers a more intimate Christmas, can focus on small details, perfect as a reminder that Christmas is an atmospheric party and not necessarily a sparkle of lights. To be inspired by this type of Christmas decorations we can refer to the Scandinavian style , which suggests a large number of ideas for decorating the home for Christmas in the name of essentiality and simplicity, typical elements of Nordic design.
An innovative and simple idea to implement, for example, is to embellish all the doors with small garlands of mistletoe or holly. Wood, leaves and berries are the favorite elements of Nordic designers who also suggest the use of pine cones as a valid alternative to mistletoe and holly garlands. What this type of decoration has in common is the choice of natural elements: no plastic or synthetic materials but only and exclusively wood, berries and string to tie the garlands.
Even the Christmas tree , according to the Scandinavian style, is resized: small, without excessive decorations, but only with the classic colored glass balls, it can be placed on a wooden table or on a shelf, also necessarily in wood. Attention also to the choice of lights: the simplicity of the Nordic style does not reject the lighting, but gives the green light exclusively to small clear lights, without colors, without intermittence and without too many excesses. A thin line of lights can be placed around an arch inside the house, to highlight the architecture, or it can be used to emphasize the profile of the fireplace. And still speaking of lights, simple candles with classic or star shapes cannot be missing. How to decorate windows for Christmas
The abundance of Christmas decorations in the interior also happily infects the windows, those architectural elements that connect with the outside, keeping the spaces isolated from the cold. When you are preparing to set up the house for Christmas, a question arises:how to decorate the windows for Christmas
Especially in the evening hours, when the darkness envelops the houses, the well-decorated windows acquire all their charm, showing the nocturnal landscape that joins the decorative elements. In contrast to the black of the darkness, the colorful Christmas balls together with houses, candles and candy canes give a touch of relaxed lightheartedness.
Also along the perimeter of the windows there are white or colored lights , fixed or intermittent, which contribute to making the Christmas atmosphere more warm and joyful. It is nice to turn them on in the evening, when they contrast with the external darkness and blend harmoniously with the warm lighting of the house.
The stencilsrepresent an additional opportunity when the goal is to decorate the windows for Christmas. Neutral in color, they draw on the glass the silhouettes of trees, stars, snowflakes or miniature houses, covered with snow and full of Christmas spirit. How to decorate the entrance of a house for Christmas
The first impact of a house, the one that strikes the visitor, is undoubtedly given by the entrance, the short stretch of corridor that in many homes must be crossed to reach the living room and the others domestic spaces. So decorating your home for Christmas also means embellishing this environment, which at times appears a bit unadorned and sacrificed. So, how to decorate the entrance of the house for Christmas
Classic Christmas decorations, colored spheres, stars, mistletoe or holly wreaths, Santas, stencils, lights are also suitable for the hallway of your apartment or house. On the console where we usually find a convenient empty pocket there is space for a small nativity scene or a miniature snow-covered tree.
Along the door jamb a long garland of butcher’s broom with felt decorations or a string of flashing lights stand out. The front door also allows you to think about and apply decorations that look towards the outside of the house, which welcome visitors even before they enter the most welcoming interior space. The Christmas decorations to hang on the door
LeChristmas decorations to hang on the door are the icing on the cake of an arrangement thought down to the smallest detail to create a harmonious, cheerful and full of atmosphere whole. Someone buys the classic mistletoe wreaths, with a Santa Claus welcoming guests, while someone else thinks of fishing in the creativity tank and making a DIY Christmas door wreath .
Like all occasions that require you to decorate your home, Christmas also allows you to express your taste and personality. With a few simple elements you can easily make Christmas arches for the garden, cornucopias, bas-reliefs and a DIY Christmas door wreath .
It is necessary to have white or colored lights, fixed or intermittent, fake leaves, cardboard of different colors, scissors, pressed cardboard, tempera or watercolors, a crochet, lurex thread and silver thread. Finally, a good imagination and a little dexterity are the essential ingredients that transform everything you need into a warm and bright Christmas decoration. Christmas decorations in the bedroom
The living room area is not the only part of the house to devote to when you want to decorate every space of your home for the Christmas celebrations. A touch of atmosphere, in fact, can also be brought to the bedrooms and children’s rooms .
For the bedroom you can focus above all on fabrics, choosing white and red bed linen, or selecting sheets, bedspreads or duvet covers made specifically for Christmas. During the Christmas period it is easy to get bed outfits decorated with typically Christmas graphics and patterns, from snowflakes to Santa Claus in every position and size. Christmas enthusiasts will not want to miss the opportunity to use, in this particular period of the year, bed linen made especially for the occasion.
The more romantics can instead choose to embellish the headboard with Christmas festoons, with garlands, with representations of Santa Claus, angels or stylized stars. This type of Christmas decoration is particularly suitable for those rooms that have a wooden bed: on this material, in fact, the wreaths of intertwined branches and the red or white berries typical of Christmas are well matched.
In the children’s bedroom, however, in addition to opting for Christmas bed linen, pillows and duvets with decorations that represent Christmas in its various forms, you can attach the Befana socks to the headboard, desk or shelves. The representations of Santa Claus , of the Gnomesand reindeer pulling the sleigh with gifts are other magical objects that help seal the Christmas atmosphere, with its warmth and its charge of serenity. So cute fabric puppets with red hat and white pompom look out of a drawer, or peek over a shelf, or hide behind a door. How to decorate the kitchen for Christmas
The kitchen is the warmest and most evocative environment in the house. Here the dishes are prepared and enjoyed together, in moments of sharing in which the whole family gathers. In the days of the Christmas holidays, the kitchen environment acquires great importance. From the oven and the stove come all the delicacies that are the protagonists on the Italian tables on 24, 25 and 26 December.
Asdecorating the kitchen for Christmas is another pleasure to be creatively dedicated to. Christmas decorations for the kitchen must not interfere with its functionality, but limits encourage original solutions. A DIY Christmas door wreath lends itself enthusiastically to be reinterpreted to decorate the kitchen window or patio door.
The Christmas decorations are hung from the chandelier and give the warm and cozy atmosphere, typical of Christmas, without interfering in any way with the preparation of the dishes. The chandeliers are adept at holding colorful pine cones, red, silver or gold balls, rhinestone stars and small sparkly gift boxes.
In the kitchen during the Christmas holidays are the plants typical of the period. Along the perimeter of the windows, decorations made with butcher’s broom, holly or mistletoe give warmth and beauty to the environment. Also on the shelves there are plants that emphasize the Christmas atmosphere, perhaps with the tips of the leaves colored in gold or silver, with a few red balls on the surface of the earth in the vase.

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