Christmas is our favorite time of the year in the world. That is why these days we are like crazy putting into practice those Christmas decoration ideas that we have been collecting all year. While it is true that our favorite firms have Christmas decorations to give away, we have reached a point where we prefer that the Christmas decoration at home be sustainable and very personal . This means that what we prefer is to spend several days doing Christmas crafts so that our decorations are respectful of the environment and, in a certain way, exclusive.
This does not imply that the Christmas decorationof our house has to be mediocre or seedy, as some will tell us. Crafts, whether for a general Christmas decoration or for decoration without more, can be as elaborate and powerful as our ideas and our creative capacity. In that sense, after a year waiting for this moment, we propose some very easy Christmas crafts for a sustainable and very personal decoration .
In addition to being very easy (we know that handyman people are scarce), the Christmas crafts that we propose do not require any economic investment . You only need to collect elements that you have at home and give them a second life, hence the decoration with crafts that we propose is sustainable.
Although they are generic crafts, not everyone will find them the same and we are sure that the most creative minds will give them their own interpretation . Hence, with these Christmas crafts you will also have a very personal decoration.

Christmas trees with felt and chains

For this we will only need a piece of cardboard , which we will roll up until it is cone-shaped, or a soft cork (also cone-shaped), which will become the base of the tree. Felt paper , scraps, EVA foam, buttons or wrapping paper are the rest of the necessary materials.
If we opt for the option of multiple elements, we will only have to draw and cut out those elements that we will place in the cone to shape our tree. If we choose the chain Christmas tree option, we will have to make a kind of chain with pieces of fabric (cut in a rectangular shape) that we will place next to each other to make room for the leaves of our tree.

Christmas candles with cinnamon sticks or glitter

First of all, we suggest that you make a cover for the candle with cinnamon sticks that you can finish off with a good golden bow.Although the most Christmassy is with glitter. We just need glitter and glue. It should be noted that the glitter when it expands is very difficult to remove, so we recommend doing this craft on a very smooth surface, with newspaper underneath and without any other element nearby. When everything is ready, we will only have to spread the glue at the base of the candle and then apply the glitter very carefully. You have to let it dry to handle it without getting dirty.

How to make a Christmas tree with the cupcake wrapper

Choose some original cupcake papers (now at Christmas there are many types). It is not necessary that you go to pastry shops, since it is an element that you can find in everything at a hundred at a very good price. Try to make the papersof different sizes for the different layers of the tree, for which you will only need to fold the cupcake paper into a triangle.
When you have all the papers folded, glue them back to each other until you have your tree. Once they are all glued, decorate each layer with stickers , pieces of paper or whatever comes to mind. When the decoration of your little trees is ready, you will only have to stick a string on the back and ready to hang.

A portal of Nativity scene with pineapples

Perhaps the children can only help with the collection of pineapples and cut out the fabrics with which we will dress our figures, but they will love the result. We just need pins, felt, glue and balls. The mechanism is quite simple. The pineapple becomes the body of the figurine and on it we will place a ball that will be the head and the fabrics that will help us create one character and another.

A Christmas tree with cardboard and painted paste

First you have to draw the shape of the tree on a piece of cardboard on which the painted paste will be placed. Once our tree (or our trees) is ready, we will select the paste to color and start the process. We recommend the spirals to emulate the leaves of the fir tree and the fidedua noodles for the decorations. When the paste is painted (and dry) we will stick it to the cardboard with glue or silicone. Then you just have to place a very bright star on top and that’s it.

How to make the most original Christmas crown

If we had already seen that the cupcake wrappers can be used to make original trees, why not also to make a crown

For this we will need cardboard (or any rigid element that can serve as a base) , cupcake wrappers , eva rubber and any other element that comes to mind.
First of all, we will stick the cupcake wrappers on the cardboard, this time in an extended way. We can paste as many as we want and do it concentrically to play with colors and sizes . Once they are glued, we will place on them any element that the little ones in the house have drawn and cut out.
If we already have our crown from previous years and what we want is to give it a different look, we will only need buttons to achieve it. We will leave the base green tinsel that all the crowns have and we will place buttons on top that we have previously joined with thread.

Christmas decorations for the tree with balls of wool

In this case, we will use the white balls to make little elves. The ball is the beard, on which we will place a chickpea as a nose and to which we will add a hat made of felt and with a string attached to hang it wherever we want.

How to make a Christmas tree with colored balls

We only need a piece of cardboard that we will fold into a cone shapeand colored balls. They are quite cheap and usually come many in the package.
Once we have the elements, we will only have to stick them one by one to our cone until we have the final result. Once all the balls are glued, we can add other decorative elements that give our tree an even more original look.

Snowmen with socks

First we introduce the rice inside the sock, then we divide the sock into two balls of different sizes to shape the body of the doll, we close and then we place the elements that we like the most until our doll has its size. own personality.

Felt decorations for the Christmas tree or for the whole house
You have to draw on the felt paper and then cut it out to place on your design all the elements with which you can give your decoration the desired look. For the ornament to have a little more body, we recommend having two parts, one front and one back, which will be sewn or glued and between which we will place some cotton.

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