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Christmas with your family, Easter with whoever you want. The with your parents is perhaps (I would almost certainly opt for the) one of the reasons why holidays are notoriously stressful for humans. But, considering that here we deal with bipeds only in relation to dogs, because we talk about how much we stress during the holidays
. Simple: because Christmas can also be stressful for dogs .
Indeed, there is more: the Christmas period can also be dangerousfor dogs. Since quadrupeds have no way of protecting themselves, the task of doing so falls on the owners. So let’s see what are the main dangers of this period and what can be done to protect our furry friends.

  • Tree and decorations
  • The figurines of the crib
  • Chocolate
  • Food excesses
  • Change of routine
  • Lots of people in the house
  • Reduced attention
  • The children
  • I botti

Tree and decorations
Tree and decorations are dangers for our furry friends. Dogs’ passion for balls and trunks is famous and having a tree in the house full of balls for some of them can be too much temptation to bear. The risk is that they get hurt, throw the tree at each other and / or eat the balls, as well as anger the owners for having devastated the tree. It is something that needs to be managed. The figurines of the crib
More or less as above. Dogs (understood as a species, then everyone is an individual to himself) are curious and would eat anything, so imagine the charm that a more or less large expanse of figurines and nose and mouth reach can have
Huge. The positioning of the crib must therefore also be evaluated on the basis of the quadruped. Chocolate
At Christmas it is all a flourishing of chocolate, often held at the nose of the furry ones who are very skilled not only at stealing but also at discarding . Except that chocolate is very dangerous for dogs, a real poison, so you have to be really careful. Food excesses
We said that dogs (understood as a species) are always interested in food, so the Christmas holidays during which goodies proliferate are a real boon. But be careful, because a delicacy from here and a delicacy from there easily turn into vomiting and diarrhea with possible rush to the vet. And the party in a problem.Change of routine
The Christmas holidays often involve a change of routine, therefore there is disruption, uncertainty and a possible sense of insecurity in the most sensitive and delicate dogs. The way to avoid unnecessary stress is to keep the usual habits as much as possible. Many people at home
Moving people around the house is stressful for dogs. There are dogs who love to be around people, who appreciate noise and attention, while others for whom the comings and goings are painful and stressful. Both types of dogs must be guaranteed a calm and peaceful placewhere they can withdraw without being disturbed when they feel the need. For those who suffer from chaos, if there is a lunch, an afternoon or a dinner with many guests, it may be an idea to protect the dog for those hours by having him hosted by someone with whom he is comfortable. Reduced attention
Another source of stress can be reduced attention. With all there is to it, it’s easy to give in to the temptation of relegating the dog to the bottom of the priority ladder. Except that the needs of the creature do not change because Christmas is feeling neglected / due to stress and can lead the animal to unpleasant behaviors that further alienate it from its humans, thus giving rise to a negative spiral that penalizes everyone. The children
This is another delicate note. Children who are not used to and not educated to dogs are a disaster for the quadrupeds who find themselves the object of often unwanted treatments and attention. And even when they are not unwanted they can become unwanted, because having tails and ears pulled, being hugged, having fingers in the ears, being chased and so on in the long run becomes (very) annoying even for the most tolerant and patient of dogs.
The moment he shows the dog shows the right discomfort, the problems begin. Since prevention is better than cure, to avoid problems it is necessary to scrupulously control how children interact with the dog and possibly keep them away from the quadrupedal creature. The barrels
The barrels are the other sore point, very painful, of the end-of-year holiday period. For dogs they are a real nightmare and you must do everything possible to protect them.

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