We have learned a lot in recent months: discovered or rediscovered the joy of cooking, the pleasure of reading and creative hobbies, such as drawing and painting, which in many cases have become our new normal. If you are looking for gift ideas to give to an art lover, here are some tips suitable for all those who once rediscovered their creative lymph continue to dedicate themselves, for passion or profession, to drawing, illustration, watercolor, calligraphy or comics. . There are countless special items to give (and treat yourself) to an artist, and for all budgets. Christmas 2021: 10 gift ideas for an art lover
Here is the special selection of 10 gift ideas for Christmas 2021 designed for those who love art taken from Momarte, an Italian startup specializing in the online sale of objects for fine arts and graphics. SCHMINCKE WATERCOLOR WOODEN CASE, 140 COLORS
A super limited edition Horadam Schmincke watercolors wooden case – there are only 140 pieces worldwide, it is numbered and unique and celebrates the 140th anniversary of the brand – which contains all 140 colors of the Horadam range of the German brand, known in the sector of fine arts for the impeccable quality of the products. Schmincke not only selects pigments based on the degree of lightfastness, but subjects the samples to very rigorous tests over very long periods of time. In addition to the 140 half godets, the case contains two Da Vinci brushes (sizes 8 and 12), a porcelain palette and Schmincke’s masking pen (25ml).
A precious kit like a work of art. The perfect gift for those who dedicate themselves professionally to the watercolor technique.
Maimeri oils are developed to achieve an excellent chromatic result: color by color, they are individually calibrated, tested, calibrated and tested again. The Artisti Maimeri Oil Cassette & Easel is a precious case in solid oiled beech wood complete with 15 assorted tubes (20 ml), Titanium White (60 ml), Medium, palette and much more. The oil colors are the traditional Maimeri: original formula, historical shades and unattainable mixes. The Artisti line still wears the A series label designed in 1923 by Gianni Maimeri. Maximum resistance to light, they do not contain harmful substances.
The perfect gift for the artist.
Retail price € 399.99BOX OF 100 CARAN D’ACHE LUMINANCE
A complete set containing all 100 different shades of Luminance 6901®, the colored pencil by Caran d’Ache that combines maximum lightfastness with the paste of a permanent wax lead. A mythical object, since the Luminances are among the most popular professional colored pencils in the world!
Compliant with the international standard ASTM D-6901, which certifies the lightfastness of colors on a scale from LFI to LFV, Luminance 6901® guarantees the most demanding creative professionals works that last up to 100 years. To help the artist combine, mix and intensify these colors, the collection comes with a Crayon Blender and a Full Blender. For an intense and nuanced design.
Unlike other wax-based pencils, such as the classic school pencils, these pencils have an oil-based mixture that makes them even softer and easier to blend and blend. The special wooden box contains the whole Derwen Lightfast series: 100 oil-based, 100% lightfast colored pencils with high pigmentation. The revolutionary colored mine is resistant to color changes, which is why works preserved in museum condition do not fade for up to 100 years. For illustrations that last.
Elegant black wooden box of Acrylic Abstract by Sennelier, complete with 9 colors (in 120ml packs) 8 caps for special dispensing, 1 Shiny Medium Gel, 1 flat synthetic brush, 1 cloth and honey soap. Produced in France, Sennelier’s Abstract acrylics are characterized by high quality: the concentrated pigments give a creamy and pasty consistency and an incomparable covering power. To approach the world of acrylic and contemporary art.
Retail price – € 129.90 DRAWING HOLDER WITH WHEELS PC-70 CAP
Great for paintings and canvases, the Cappelletto drawing holder with wheels is made of beech wood, weighs about 6 kg, dimensions 70 x 52cm. It is capable of storing paintings / canvases with a maximum capacity of 50 kg and a maximum height of 120 cm. Thanks to the wheels it is comfortable and extremely practical. For designs that are always in order!
A super gift idea: the exclusive Godet Horadam-shaped packaging for the 12-color Horadam set. Not just a set of colors, but a series of gadgets and accessories that are essential for your painting sessions with a packaging reminiscent of a godet in a “giant” version. Limited edition, includes DaVinci brush, Hahnemuhle paper pad, DaVinci Vegetable Soap, sponge and Schmincke Apron. Horadam watercolors guarantee maximum control of the color flow. Based on the best pigments with maximum concentration and precious ingredients for maximum light stability and constant solubility. For those who love extra-fine watercolor and want an incredible set!
Among the gift ideas for an art lover we find the wooden box with Maimeri palette and a complete set of 17 Maimeri classic oil tubes (20 ml), Titanium White 60ml + Canvas Cardboard and 3 Brushes. The perfect combination of modern pigments and traditional, non-dangerous and stable pigments. Dedicated to all those who approach the oil painting technique. BOX WITH THREE FLORAL ILLUSTRATION BRUSHES
A unique gift idea for watercolor painters and illustrators: the Da Vinci floral illustration box includes three specially shaped brushes, designed to create botanical and floral illustrations. The brushes have been studied and selected together with an illustrator specialized in botanical and floral illustrations. Each brush has a specific role: one for the definition of the subject, one for the details and one for the background and the large backgrounds. The practical wooden packaging allows transport without the risk of damaging the tips.
For floral and light designs.
“Beautiful writing” is a fun and rewarding activity, open to all, perfect for decorating greeting cards, invitations, labels and posters. The gift set for a perfect calligraphy allows you to learn and appreciate the art of writing thanks to 8 bottles of colored ink, 5 nibs and wooden pen holder straw and the examples of lettering to follow to become a contemporary scribe.
Retail price € 69.90 Gift ideas from Momarte
About – Momarte is the online store for those who make art, which very soon became more than an e-commerce a community of people united by the same passion. A vast assortment of objects from the best national and international brands, attention to the customer and logistics, punctual delivery have made the shop one of the most interesting art projects in the Italian panorama in a short time. With the precise mission of encouraging the talent hidden in each of us, Momarte is today a real ecosystem, a collaborative circuit where independent realities, young and emerging artists, enthusiasts and students find space. The Blog and social networks become tools of dissemination, where Momarte hosts articles dedicated to all-round art, from training to technique, contributions from artists and special collaborations.
The platform, 100% Made in Italy, is user friendly and organized by areas of interest, to facilitate selection. A marketplace for sharing, growth, training and a cohesive community of enthusiasts, students, professionals from the artistic world to ask for advice, support and listening to.

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