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The bedroom and the space of the house in which, especially today in the current health situation with schools closed in most of the regions, children spend a lot of time. In fact, right in the room, in addition to sleeping and playing, many of them often also play dad (distance learning) with related online lessons. For this reason too, this space must be thought of with great attention, organizing it, if possible, from the first days of life with suitable furniture for children that should meet precise characteristics of liveability and safety. Keeping in mind that these will be furnishing solutions that will vary over the years, as the bedroom is a constantly evolving environment. Among cots, cribs, desks and various furniture, let’s find out how to best organize this important part of the house.The importance of sleep from an early age
The bed is undoubtedly the main element of the bedroom furniture whether it is for the little ones, and therefore for the first months, or for older children, bed or cot play a fundamental role. If at the beginning the newborn, in most cases, sleeps in the room with the parents in the crib, furniture that can be chosen in one of the many models on the market (wicker baskets, rocking cots, or the practical cradles attached to the bed, perfect for nocturnal feedings …), after the first few months there will be the need to set up the nursery, the bedroom for the little ones, and therefore to think about the baby bed that will accompany the child up to 2/3 years. It will be a bed with bars, lower than a cradle, which will give the little one visibility on what surrounds him.
Abandoning the cot, you will then move on to more stable and definitive solutions such as the very popular Montessori cot, low or in any case less high than a common bed for children and designed to allow them to get on and off comfortably alone and in complete autonomy, but also the new solutions “space-saving” bunk beds, creative and playful to share with brother / sister, or one of the versatile bridge bedrooms, designed to accompany him up to the age of adolescence. Focus on a few, but useful, furnishings
For the first months of life, the fundamental piece of furniture, in addition to the cradle for the newborn, will be the changing table that can be in the bedroom or in the bathroom, to complete the nursery there will then be storage furniture such as chest of drawers and small shelves useful for storing everyone. textiles for babies such as bathrobes, sponges and various dresses … After the age of 3, once the bed has been chosen and purchased, the basic furnishings in the room will surely be a children’s wardrobe, equipped inside with shelves and drawers to choose from. according to different needs, and small colored furnishings, such as low tables (for younger children) or a desk in the case of older children.
The desk, in particular, must be chosen and positioned with great care and be as practical and ergonomic as possible, as well as the seat that will accompany it. Placed near a natural light source such as a window or a French window ( natural lightit is very important for children because it recharges and makes them more energetic and in a good mood) must have the study / work surface always well lit, for this reason it will always be good to position the desk next to the window, better if on the opposite side of the direction of writing. Especially for older children, and especially in this difficult historical moment, to help the little ones and promote concentration it is important to create their own place where they can concentrate and carry out their activities in peace, away from noise and distractions, the desk will play a very important role in this. Finally, the room will be equipped with correct lighting,The right space for games
In the design, part of the bedroom furniture will certainly be designed to host and contain various types of games. Toys and small objects are essential to stimulate the creativity of the little ones from the earliest months, for this very useful in the bedroom will be various furniture and containers (boxes, baskets …), on wheels or not, easily accessible to the child and which will allow him to play with great peace of mind, but also essential for quickly tidying up. In addition to these, various shelves should not be missing and, if possible, a small easy-to-reach wall bookcase in which to store books of various kinds. The choice of textile elements such as poufs and cushions and a good carpet, large, colorful, will also be important.
Important and particular environment the bedroom that is large or small in size will be studied and organized with the utmost attention, the arrangement of the furnishings and spaces will in fact be essential to create a space that is beautiful, but also liveable and functional. Focusing on a few useful furnishings, made with natural and quality materials, with non-toxic paints and breathable fabrics, designed specifically for environments of this type, will help to make the space healthy and comfortable.
To study and organize, especially for the older ones, trying to satisfy the wishes of the child, the bedroom will be completed with ad hoc decorations and accessories that can develop and stimulate the child’s creativity. It will be important to always remember well that in an environment of this kind, aesthetics plays a central role, but that’s not all, for a good bedroom it will be central to aim to create a space that is welcoming, bright, healthy and quiet in which it is easy ” freeing up “creativity and fun, avoiding, among other things (where possible) the presence of televisions and electrical appliances, the cause of electromagnetic pollution, at least during the hours of sleep.
Claudia Schiera

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