From babies to young boys (and girls), the little ones, at home, should always have a space to live all for them that is designed and appropriate for the age they are living. The bedroom is therefore a space to be designed with great care, keeping in mind the main furnishings such as: a good bed, a desk with an ergonomic seat, a wardrobe and a chest of drawers, but also other essential elements such as good natural light and an area to be completely dedicated to free play. Having fixed these points to complete the design, all that remains is to follow some suggestions on the theme to make this space truly unique. Inevitable color, but always with balance
Inevitable in the bedrooms of the little ones (especially in the age group between 0 and 6 years) the color is the indispensable ingredient that makes a simple sleeping space the unique and fun place where the child will love to spend his time.
Among the most suitable colors for this space, the wide range of blues and blues, red (always mitigated by white) and green, in its thousand shades, are the shades on which to focus. The joyful night combinations of Nidi, Brand of Battistella Company, ( and of Lago ( .htm), cheerful and decidedly colorful, they combine quality and color well and are perfect for inviting the child to explore new spaces in which he will immediately feel at ease. Attention to detail
Whether it’s large bedrooms or smaller bedrooms, nothing in this space should ever be left to chance. Furniture, colors, but also a certain attention to detail, everything is essential to involve the child and to make a simple environment in which to go to sleep in the evening, a personal place in which he will love to find himself. Among the most interesting ideas to complete and give an extra something to the bedroom we find, for example, the new wallpapers designed specifically for the little ones. Colorful, fun and dreamy in the patterns are the inevitable detail that can make the space unique. The advice: always involve the boy or girl in the composition of his room. Style from an early age
In addition to color, especially for older children who are already approaching adolescence, the bedroom should always have a simple and clear style.
Among the many combinations, some of the most interesting marry a neo-romantic style, among these, for example, we find the new solutions by Scandola Mobili ( conceived in a modern and colorful shabby chic. Beautiful and high-quality, they are ideal for giving character and quality to the kids’ space. Practice the password
Whether you have a large room or a small room, there is never enough space in a bedroom, so optimizing is the watchword. Unmissable will be, drawers, wardrobes and storage compartments of various kinds. The latest generation solutions are designed with this in mind and also designed for those who have to optimize the centimeters in the best possible way, perhaps by letting not 1, but 2 children sleep in the same bedroom. The proposals of Clei ( and Moretti Compact ( look at this direction and are the right compromise between design and functionality. Fast in style and modular in every detail, they offer a truly wide range of combinations that best combine taste,
A truly wide range of proposals made up of combinations that can be adapted to any type of space and need, for beautiful bedrooms, but above all practical to live in, increasingly conceived in the name of design, versatility and quality.
Claudia Schiera

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