The world of childhood has changed. Today children are considered as real miniature adults, with their own tastes, inclinations and needs. Even the youngest are individuals with specific aptitudes and prerogatives. This is why their spaces must be custom designed and reflect their character and personality. Children
‘s bedroomsrepresent a tempting opportunity for interior designers and architects who can indulge themselves in creative and imaginative solutions. The interior designers have been able to carve out a specific sector dedicated to children. Many brands specializing in children’s furniture have created ad hoc series to make children’s rooms more ergonomic and functional. The best results have been achieved thanks to the competence and professionalism of designers and craftsmen who work in close cooperation.
The children’s furniture sector represents a stimulating challenge for all professionals in the furniture world. In this article we briefly explain what are the fundamental characteristics of children ‘s bedrooms ,and to optimize spaces and make them more suitable for games and studying. Here are many ideas and tips for children’s bedrooms:

  • What are the key features of children’s bedrooms
  • Children’s bedrooms: original ideas to have everything at your fingertips
  • The trends of children’s bedrooms: original ideas for all tastes
  • Relaxing and vibrant colors for the children’s room
  • Children’s bedrooms: fairy tale ideas and decorations
  • Furnishing a small children’s bedroom: original ideas to optimize space
  • Fabulous and high quality bedrooms
  • Design and trendy bedrooms

What are the fundamental characteristics of children
‘s bedrooms Children’s bedrooms are spaces subject to a large number of limitations. Let’s see what are the fundamental characteristics that allow them to be respected and to maximize the well-being of the little ones. Safety: rounded corners and solid structures
When it comes to children’s bedrooms and original ideas for making them, the imperative is safety . The furniture in children’s rooms must be studied and designed to eliminate all risk factors that can threaten their safety.
Cabinets, tables, bookcases and chairs in children’s bedrooms must have rounded edges that cushion the impact as much as possible in the event of a collision. It is important that the structures are solid and stable, proof of free play and extreme climbing in socks and pajamas. Even the materials require special attention: the non-toxic and controlled ones are suitable for a child’s environment, all the others are not and must be categorically excluded. Functionality: complete children’s bedrooms that can be easily reordered
The second essential feature of children’s bedrooms is functionality. This is an important requirement for all spaces in the home, but it must be taken into consideration with greater zeal when products are intended for children. The children’s rooms must be easily rearranged. The distribution of spaces and furniture should be designed to facilitate cleaning and tidying up. Flexibility: the perfect and changeable room
Flexibility is another important feature for the creation of complete children ‘s bedroomsand functional. The ideal room is the one that changes hand in hand with the child’s growth, follows his physical development and meets his needs. For example, to have a flexible space, it is good to equip yourself with a cot that can be transformed from a cradle into a larger bed.
Flexibility can also be understood as the adaptation of spaces to the different occupations in which children are involved. The same environment must adapt to different uses, when the size of the room is small. In addition, children’s bedroom décor needs to be reinterpreted in case a new brother or sister arrives. A flexible design allows functional changes in these circumstances without requiring excessive financial commitment.Play and creativity: colorful children’s bedrooms that convey joy
Complete and functional children ‘s bedrooms must ensure adequate space for play activities and the expression of creativity. The children’s room welcomes their energy and is the scene of the enthusiastic desire to discover that characterizes the years of childhood. Creating colorful children’s bedrooms that convey joy and serenity is a good starting point to create a comfortable and protective environment. Children’s bedrooms: original ideas to have everything at your fingertips
When the baby is still in diapers, having everything at hand is certainly a necessity for every mother. A changing table with many compartmentsit allows you to easily carry out all the changing and cleaning operations that a newborn requires several times a day. Likewise, a comfortable and comfortable bed is essential. Thanks to its well-designed features, the little one can rest undisturbed and feel protected and cared for.
In the design of children ‘s bedrooms , original ideas must be oriented in the direction of a clear and precise distinction of the different functional areas. The play area well separated from the study area helps the child not to have distractions when he has to read or engage in grammar or calculation exercises.
The possibility of distinguishing different spaces equipped for children poses some objective difficulties. Very rarely it is possible to create a room dedicated to play, one to study and one strictly dedicated to sleep and moments of peace inside your home. In most cases, the three functions must be enclosed in a single room, often a few square meters. This is no small challenge for design architects. Trends in children’s bedrooms: original ideas for all tastes
Like any room in the house, complete children’s bedrooms are characterized by different styles, each with a particular language and distinctive details. The country style: warm and relaxing atmospheres
The rural style is suitable for creating warm country atmospheres in which wood plays the leading role. An overall impression of softness results from the shades of cream and white, along with striking items such as fluffy pillows, blankets and rugs. The eclectic style: colorful children ‘s bedrooms
The eclectic style in colored children’s bedrooms is achieved through the combination of lively shades and patterns, with original shapes and figurative or naturalistic decorations. The minimalist style: less is more also for children
The taste of the motto “Less is more” can also manifest itself in the furnishing of children’s bedrooms with original ideas that educate the little ones to essentiality. Clean, clear lines and neutral colors distinguish the rooms furnished according to the canons of the minimalist style. There are many storage units that store toys and clothes, and allow you to maintain impeccable order with ease. Scandinavian style: Nordic design children ‘s bedrooms
Finally, there are Nordic design children ‘s bedrooms . The Scandinavian style mixes white and gray with the warmth of natural wood. The furnishings are characterized by typically Nordic shapes, with clean geometries, which stand out in their simple linearity, without frills.Relaxing and lively colors for the children’s room
The cliche of pink for girls and blue for boys has now been outdated. The taste can range from the most disparate shades. But which are the most suitable colors for the children’s room
Pastel colors are the best shades to create a serene atmosphere, especially when the children are still very young. Suitable both for the walls of the room and for the furniture, they give feelings of peace and well-being.
When children start to be a little older, you can be more daring on the chromatic scale. The bold, lively colors with a strong personality are once again part of the list of possible choices. Colors suitable for children’s roomsthey become red, yellow, orange and green. They are shades that stimulate energy and creativity.
Blue is the best choice when you want to indulge in sleep. It is among the colors suitable for the walls of children’s bedrooms. Without falling into excess, a blue painted wall next to the other white ones creates a pleasant contrast and gives ideas to the creativity of children who can hang their drawings and small creations on it.
The colors of the walls of the children’s bedroomsthey come not only from painting, but also from wallpaper. There are all kinds, with the most diverse fantasies. They are easy to remove and therefore represent a functional solution. It is possible to change the wall covering more easily than painting. Cleaning up costs more and is more challenging.
To make their rooms truly perfect, the best way is to involve children in the design of the furniture and the division of space. In this way they will feel that they are welcomed in a part of the house that truly reflects them and expresses their taste and their passions. On the shelves and on the shelves it is nice to add objects that are part of the imagination loved by your children, which recall a sport, a comic, or animals they are interested in.Children’s bedrooms: fairy tale ideas and decorations
In the design of complete and functional children’s bedrooms, the role of shapes and materials used becomes increasingly important. The architects who design rooms for children have the aim of improving the ergonomics of the furniture to make the space more livable and built on the basis of the real needs of those who live there.
At the same time, it is considered essential to guarantee flexibility through furniture that can be transformed to meet the needs of the child at different ages of childhood.
The design of a children’s room also implies imagination and attention to the emotional aspects of the youngest. The desire to discover and experiment is the psychological trait that characterizes childhood. Thus the furniture of the complete and colorful children ‘s bedrooms are opportunities to set up small fairy-tale scenes that favor their playful imagination.
For example, the cot can represent a nest in the trees, while a plexiglass profile transforms into a magical rocking horse and a series of building bricks becomes a colorful table on which to draw.
Technological research works in the direction of ever more daring, even “futuristic” solutions, to risk an expression as reckless as its products. An example of this free and exuberant experimentation are the cradles in transparent laser cut acrylic, which allow total visibility for both the mother and the baby. Furnishing a small children’s bedroom: original ideas to optimize space
The sizes of the apartments in the city are limited. Design today aims to eliminate waste of space. The corridors once in vogue are transformed into minimal corridors, or are completely eliminated. The rooms are obtained from the space that remains after taking the measurements of the living room with open kitchen and bathroom. So children’s bedrooms are often the most sacrificed spaces in the house.
The children are small and it seems that they can easily adapt to an equally small room. In reality, children are full of energy, they never stop moving, running and playing. Thus furnishing a small children’s room becomes a difficult task if you really pay attention to all the needs of childhood.
As in the overall economy of an apartment or villa, there is a tendency to optimize space, in the same way, in the microcosm of the children’s room it is necessary to use the few meters available to achieve a lot in terms of functionality.
So, how to organize a small children’s room
Let’s make a brief overview of the possible solutions to best equip the walls, corners and surfaces of the rooms of the house dedicated to children. Structures with trundle beds: plenty of space to play during the day
When space is really tight, an adequate solution is made up of structures with pull-out beds that allow you to keep a good free space for games during the day. An alternative is represented by the furniture that develops on a single wall with bridge wardrobes and drawers integrated with the bed base. It is an ideal solution when dealing with a long, narrow room. Beds with container: the games disappear under the mattress
. Beds with containers are a choice to consider because they offer storage volume without reducing the free square footage of the room. The study corner: learning is important for every child
When trying to figure out how to furnish a small children’s room, remember that it is always necessary to carve out a space for all activities related to the study. If to contain clothes, shoes and games it is good to take advantage of the vertical extension of the walls of the room, to obtain the angle for reading and writing your child must take full advantage of the angles. If there are two children: children’s bedrooms with bunk beds
Answering the question “how to organize a small children’s bedroom” becomes very difficult when there are two children. In these cases it is possible to think about the creation of children’s bedrooms with bunk beds . On the market there are solutions in which the two beds of the castle are retractable.
If the space in the room is more generous than usual, the structures with a loft bed and integrated wardrobe offer a personal space dedicated to each of the two children. This way they will feel they have their own little independent refuge, their own little area of ​​autonomy. Fairytale and high quality
bedrooms The furniture of the children’s room must always be chosen with great care. In addition to possessing characteristics such as resistance and functionality, it must also be characterized by a child-friendly design, for the creation of a space where the little ones are able to play, dream and relax. Creating fabia ‘s bedrooms is the best way to create a reassuring space, a real refuge for every child. TheChildren’s bedrooms are therefore one of the most important environments in every home and for this reason they must be furnished ad hoc, being in tune with the real needs of those who are going to live in them. Trendy and design bedrooms The furniture
sector truly offers a wide choice of designer bedroomsfashionable, practical and performing. The advice is always to refer to the best brands in the branch for the purchase of a model that will certainly ensure a perfect seal over time. Bridge bedrooms, bunk bedrooms, loft bedrooms or bedrooms with walk-in wardrobes, you are spoiled for choice to guarantee your children a safe, practical environment with a cheerful and trendy aesthetic.

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