How much space is needed to play, study, relax and sleep well
We realize this when we ask ourselves a specific question: how to furnish the children’s bedroom in order to obtain a multifunctional space suitable for their needs
Many square meters are not always available for conquest autonomy in childhood. If space is limited, it is important to design the room with space-saving furniture and transformable solutions. Design and creativity meet: bridge wardrobes, retractable desks, bunk beds, sliding or built as a mezzanine take shape.
In the article you will find many ideas to furnish the children’s bedroom in order to obtain a multifunctional space, perfect for study, play and rest.How to furnish a children’s bedroom
Let’s find out together how to design and organize a children’s bedroom with little space available. The first step is to establish the subdivision of the surfaces and volumes available. Storage compartments are required for clothes and linens, but also for toys, books, stationery and notebooks. In fact, the children’s bedroom is a place of study, where children and teenagers concentrate and commit themselves to learn. Next to the furniture suitable to contain clothes and blankets, there are, for example, a shelf for school texts and a bookcase for illustrated stories and great classics for children. There are types of furniture designed to take advantage of every corner of a small room and create a real onetransformable design bedroom . The bridge bedroom for children
The bridge bedroom for children is a recurring image when we think of the rooms of the little ones. It is a great classic for organizing children’s spaces. The shape of the wardrobe is its main feature: it resembles a bridge, because it passes over the bed with a series of storage modules fixed to the wall. Wardrobes of this kind allow you to take advantage of the wall, which thus becomes equipped, both to offer storage compartments, and to bring the bed or desk next to it. Depending on how far the wall extends vertically, the wall units can be arranged in one or two overlapping rows. A room furnished with a bridge wardrobeand also suitable for two children, by inserting a retractable sliding bed under the arch of the structure. Bunk, retractable or sliding beds
If you are thinking about how to organize a space- saving bedroom for two children , choose furniture that minimizes clutter: bunk or retractable or sliding beds. Then there are the loft beds, where the lower part of the structure consists of a wardrobe, a desk, or a sitting area.
Sweet dreams in a castle Bunk bedsthey are often equipped with drawers in the base and in the steps that allow you to go up. The space saving, therefore, is twofold: the surface occupied by a single bed becomes sufficient for two or three seats, thanks to the development in height; the presence of storage compartments is an advantage, it is used to store games or clothing. Transformable designer bedroom: during the day mattresses and pillows disappear
The foldaway bed is the quintessential piece of furniture for a transformable designer bedroom. There are foldaway beds with a sofa , which fold up along the height of the wall, making a comfortable sofa appear. Perhaps more suitable for a little girl ‘s or a boy’s bedroom and the foldaway bed with desk: during the day it “disappears”, replaced by a large floor, perfect for studying and doing homework. Inside such a piece of furniture, there can also be a shelf : in a children’s room and what it takes to store soft toys or puppets to rest after the day’s games. The bed moves and disappears in an instant
The sliding beds can be easily moved thanks to special wheels. Often they can be placed in a compartment under another bed. In this way, the space of a bed doubles for the night and the bedroom becomes a welcoming and comfortable place for two children. Even the mezzanine lulls dreams
An aura of charm emanates from the loft beds, beautiful to look at, perfect for creating a splendid designer bedroom for a girl or boy. But the choice of a loft bed above all is perfect for the room of teens, preteens or in the height of adolescence. In fact, the mezzanine structure allows you to compose a sitting room below. So the boy or girl who lives in the room has the necessary for the afternoons of study in the company, when at a certain time he has a snack and the chatter begins. Space-saving desks for children’s bedrooms
An undisputed protagonist in the room of a child or a child and the desk. It is important that you are old enough to guarantee the right comfort in the moments of study. The minimum depth must be 60 cm and the width at least between 90 cm and one meter. On the other hand, sometimes the size of children’s bedrooms is small. There are space- saving desks for bedrooms , suitable for moments of study and homework. Wardrobes-desks
There is a skeleton in the closet or desk
If the former, it’s time to celebrate Halloween. In the second, there is more space to play in a little girl or boy’s room, and the homework plan can be pulled out when needed. A good solution is the wardrobe that becomes a desk when opened. Some models have built-in light and have enough space inside to insert a printer, books and stationery. Bookcase with built-in desk
The desk can be part of a structure that extends vertically, with various shelves that make up a perfect bookcase. It is the ideal piece of furniture for the children’s room, where you can store school texts, classics, comics, photographs and soft toys. The cuckoo desk
is there and there is not. It appears and disappears. There areretractable desks consisting of a simple axis that slides out of the cabinet body. If the space in the children’s room is very little, it is possible to choose retractable hanging desks, with a structure fixed to the wall. Inside there are shelves that are covered by the desk top when it is closed.
Triangle corner desk The triangle shaped corner desksthey are suitable for bedrooms where you need to save a little in terms of space. Shelves can be mounted above the work surface to place and store books, games or knick-knacks from the children’s hearts. At the triangle sides of the desk frame, there may be low shelves to place the computer case or a small printer. The Ultima swivel desk
, but no less important for a tiny, but willing synthesis of space-saving desk models and the one that turns. It has as a base a shelf on the ground that acts as a bookcase. When the time comes to do your homework, you rotate the upper deck ninety degrees and voila: a large surface available for reading, making expressions, grammar analysis or other.

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