Chiara Ferragni is experiencing a magical moment: the influencer and her husband Fedez are expecting their second child after the arrival of their firstborn Leone. The second pregnancy , announced in October, will end between February and March, when Chiara gives birth to the baby. As had happened during the first gestation, once again Chiara wanted to share her emotions and the growth of her baby with her followers, posting videos and photos of the ultrasound scans, including tears, moments full of emotion and much more. Chiara Ferragni’s second pregnancy
After the birth of Leone, who arrived in 2018, Chiara Ferragni announced her second pregnancy in October 2020. The baby bump grows and her influencer, together with her husband Fedez, is ready to welcome a little girl. “Both pregnancies were very lucky because I almost never felt nauseous – she said. In the first three months with the baby I was really tired compared to Leo. With both pregnancies I suffered mainly from reflux (especially from the 26th week) and with the baby even more. With Leo from the 33rd week I had a problem with the placenta that ‘forced’ me to rest. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen with the child too “. On Instagram, Ferragni has posted several photos that show her in very sweet and intimate moments, while her husband kisses her belly or while looking in the mirror, radiant and beautiful. “With Leo I gained 15 kilos, now I’m 8.5 in the 30th week, so we’ll see – she confessed to the fans-. Every pregnancy is different and it is important not to focus on weight because we are creating a human life ”. Chiara Ferragni, the problems of pregnancy
During her first pregnancy, Chiara Ferragni had experienced difficult moments. In fact, during a routine ultrasound, the gynecologist had highlighted problems in Leone’s growth. “Maybe because the placenta is not working at its best – she revealed on Instagram-. I was put to rest and must take everything calmly (I had to cancel my work commitments) “. A few years earlier the influencer had faced another difficult period. “This photo was taken before a medical examination that scared me a lot – she had told her by posting a selfie in which she appeared distraught-,When Chiara Ferragni
gives birth When Chiara Ferragni gives birth
The fashion blogger and digital entrepreneur will most likely give birth to her baby in March. Unlike what had happened with Leone, who was born in Los Angeles, the second child of the Ferragnez was born in Italy. “I would have liked to have her in Los Angeles to have dual nationality – he said on Instagram -, but also to have more privacy and because I had a wonderful experience with the doctor who gave me birth in 2018. Now with Covid and travel restrictions would have been too complicated “. A few months ago, shortly after announcing her second pregnancy, Chiara shared on her profile a photo of her telling about her first birth. “The day Leo was born was one of the most beautiful and intense of my life – she explained-. It all made sense when I saw it, and I couldn’t stop crying, I literally couldn’t. I cried for hours holding my baby and thinking it was impossible that he was ours. It was so surreal and magical. For me, this is the intrinsic meaning of life, and I can’t wait to experience it again ”. Leone was born in 2018 and today, almost three years after that moment, Ferragni feels grown up and more aware, ready to face the birth. “I feel more prepared mentally and physically – she confessed – and I have less anxiety about the type of mother I will be”.The name of Chiara Ferragni
‘s daughter The name of Chiara Ferragni and Fedez’s daughter has not yet been revealed, but the influencer explained that she had already chosen it together with her husband. “We chose the girl’s name months ago,” she revealed on social media. In the meantime, she has already started the full name to find out what the little girl will be called. A few weeks ago, a video posted by Fedez in which Leone played with her doll, calling her Rachele , had sparked the imagination of the fans. “Poor Rachele, let’s hope you won’t treat your little sister like that too”, Chiara laughed in the clip. These words were enough to hypothesize that the child would be called just like the doll. An idea denied by Fedez in the Stories: “Rachele and the name of Leo’s doll – she said, ironically-. The little sister is already called Gennara ”. Chiara Ferragni and Fedez, the transfer after the birth of their daughter
After the birth of their daughter, Chiara Ferragni and Fedez could move, leaving their City Life apartment in Milan. It was the entrepreneur who confessed it: in fact, there is no room for the little girl who, at least for now, will sleep with her parents or with her nanny. “We will move in a few years – she said she-she. For now Leo has her room and the child can sleep in ours or in her nanny’s (in her cradle, of course) ”. The third child for Chiara Ferragni and Fedez
Chiara Ferragni has never hidden the desire to create a large family with Fedez. The influencer has two sisters, Francesca and Valentina, for this he would like to have three children. On Instagram, answering questions from fans, the influencer explained that the second pregnancy was planned. “We would have liked to do it sooner – she admitted, but the Covid situation scared me at the beginning and we postponed a bit”. Chiara then revealed: “I love children and I have two sisters … I would like to have a third child in the future”. The entrepreneur has always talked about her life on her social networks, which is why she has often been the subject of criticism – even ferocious – by the haters regarding her role as her mother. Comments that often hurt Ferragni, but which she has learned to ignore today. “I know I give my best for them – she said – and I know that people will always judge and in any case so I don’t really have a problem”.

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