There are people who seem to have the secret of eternal youth; or a bomb-proof genetics; or they use very good surgeons. In this case, it is not only one person, but two, or rather, an entire family saga. That of the singer Cher , who is in the news for looking splendid at 74 years old.But it is that his mother, who turned 94 a few days ago, is not far behind. On the contrary, almost reaching the centenary, she looks radiant and very pretty.
Cher, 75 years old, hugging her mother, who is 97. Either it’s a remake of “Death suits you so well” or you can tell me.
– Abel Arana (@AbelArana) June 10, 2020

Pact with the devil
Elixir of youth
The fact is that the image that Cher shared on Twitter in which she is seen with her mother, Georgia Holt, on the occasion of her 94th anniversary became viral and has unleashed a multitude of jokes and comments about the almost youthful appearance of both. Without detracting from how well they are preserved, the truth is that it has a trick; The singer published this photo on networks eight years ago, in 2012, on the occasion of her mother’s 86th birthday, and not the 94th that she celebrated this year. In fact, as People magazine points out, the image was taken in a hotel shortly before they both met Barack Obama, then president of the United States.
Not to be picky
but…1. The photo is from 20122. Cher is 74 and her mother is 943. This photo is more recent (2019) and they still look incredible ⬇️
– Sergio (@SergioCrewSpain) June 10, 2020
However, the appearance of these women is surprising, and even disturbing. Some Twitter users have rescued more current images of the couple, specifically from 2017, and the result is similar, considering that Holt even goes without makeup.
Despite the clarification, the appearance of both has not ceased to surprise everyone and cause many jokes and montages. Like the comment of a netizen: “If the apocalypse comes, only the cockroaches, Cher and her mom will remain”.
I’m 33 and darker circles than his mother, I’m just saying that
— Mrs. Potato
(@sra_patataa) June 10, 2020
Cherilyn Sarkisian, the real name of Cher, of course comes from the temperament of her mother, who raised her alone (her father was a drug addict and gambler), her and her sister, in Arkansas from the 50s. She always wanted to be an actress, dancer and singer and instilled in her two daughters a love for the entertainment world. He was married eight times , three to Cher’s biological father. The artist once said that her role as Mrs. Flax in the movie Mermaids was basically her mother Georgia: always taking the family from one end of the country to the other in search of fame. That is why now she is delighted with her daughter’s success, and enjoys it as her own.

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