To check the number of the Christmas Lottery you have to enter the number and the amount played in the search engine.
If you have been awarded, you can also calculate the amount of your prize corresponding to your participation. The prizes that can be obtained for each euro played in the extraordinary Christmas 2019 draw if the number coincides with:
First Prize 20,000 Euros

Approach First Prize 100 Euros

Second Prize 6,250 Euros

Approach Second Prize 62.50 Euros

Third Prize 2,500 Euros

Approach Third Prize 48 Euros

Fourth Prize1,000 Euros

Fifth Prize 300 Euros

2 last figures of the First Prize 6 Euros

2 last figures of the 2nd or 3rd Prize 5 Euros

Pedrea 5 Euros

Hundreds of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th prizes (first three figures) 5 Euros

Last figure of the First Prize ( Reimbursement) 1 Euro

This verification is provisional until the conformation of the LAE. The only valid official list is the one provided by the General Administration of State Raffles and Lotteries.

Christmas Lottery Prizes

The Extraordinary Draw of the Christmas Lottery 2019distribute this year more prizes. 170 million tenths are put up for sale. The distribution of prizes amounts to 70%, which translates into a total of 2,380 million euros.
The number of the ‘ Gordo’ has a prize of four million euros to the series, the second prize amounts to 1,250,000 euros, the third adds 500,000, there are two fourth prizes of 200,000 euros and close the big figures the eight numbers graced with fifth prizes of 60,000 euros to the series. We say they cost 20 euros, the same as on previous occasions.

Other prizes

The numbers played through participations, fractions of tenths that are usually sold through associations, if they are awarded, are charged through their issuers.
The‘pedrea’ of the Christmas Lottery smiles at 1,794 numbers that are awarded 100 euros per tenth.
There are three types of numbers awarded by approximations : the first, second and third prize, and they touch the number before and after these. The approximation of the number of the ‘Gordo’ of the Christmas Draw corresponds to 2,000 euros per tenth, the approximation of the second is 1,250 euros and the third, 960 euros.
There are four prizes for hundreds : the first, second, third and fourth prizes and all receive 100 euros per tenth winner. If the last two digits of your number coincide with those of the ‘Gordo’ or those of the second prize, you will receive a prize of 100 euros for each tenth.
the refund,The last number of the Gordo, is the smallest of the prizes, 20 euros per tenth, but it is the category that most touches the Lottery on December 22 with 9,999 winners.
We wish you luck with the 2019 Christmas Lottery .

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