Once upon a time, many houses were equipped with some elements that were not visible throughout the day: ironing boards, tables and foldaway beds were the norm, especially during the post-war period, a period in which families moved to the North and had to concentrate in small spaces. Today these needs are returning as often, due to the need to work far away or due to economic difficulties, it is necessary to limit the size of one’s home to a minimum in order not to pay an exorbitant rent.
Hence, therefore, retractable furnishings become the ideal solution thanks to which to have elegant elements and, at the same time, to recover a lot of space to live the house during the day. Foldaway beds: solutions for every environment
The foldaway bed can really solve the age-old problem of correct space management, especially for those who live in the classic studio apartment or in what is called a “bedroom and kitchen” house. This type of bed, now really beautiful and particularly functional, is present in every type of environment: from the open space to the children’s room, in order to allow greater livability of the house throughout the day.
The classic foldaway bed has given way to modern ones, very pleasant and with an enviable design. In many cases you can choose between any type of color and shape for the part visible during the day, and you can also combine it with other furnishing elements, such as shelves and other types of shelves.Rollaway bed for adults Rollaway beds
are very useful for those living in a studio apartment. In this case, the foldaway bed will be closed during the day and only a part of it will be visible.
Modern beds now take up no more than 40-50 centimeters when closed, essentially like a shoe cabinet, and they are also very beautiful to look at.
There are foldaway beds for two or one and a half for adults living as a couple or the classic single bed for those living alone. Finally, there is still the classic folding double bed , also in this case with attention to the smallest details and able to go practically unnoticed by those who do not know that in that environment there is a place to sleep.Foldaway bed for children
Even children always need space in their rooms, to be able to play and move freely. The foldaway beds today also conceive the bunk bed version , really very comfortable in case you have to accommodate more than one child.
When closed they will be very discreet and safe and will be able to elegantly furnish the room of the little ones. There are also variants of foldaway beds with desks, especially suitable for older children, who will be able to study without problems and without having to limit their space during the day. Rollaway bed for guests
Furthermore, all the solutions indicated will be excellent for being able to host visitors with elegance and without having space problems. Each bed will be comfortable, safe and will always give the possibility to help those who find themselves staying only a few days in another city.

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