The cracked glans is a problem that affects practically all men at least once in their life. Furthermore, the problem occurs much more frequently, especially immediately after a circumcision surgery and can still affect those who have an intact foreskin.
The cracked glans can have different causes and consequently different types of remedies and resolutive therapy.
We will talk about it in detail, analyzing what are the different types of this problem and also identifying which cases may need the assistance of a specialist doctor.

Cracked glans: where, when and why
The skin that covers the glansit is particularly thin and delicate and is placed to protect a part of the male body subjected to frictions throughout the day, even when covered by the foreskin and above all subjected to significant stresses during the sexual act.
The skin, which as we have said is rather delicate, can be affected and appear dry, cracked and sometimes even sore.
Having a red and cracked glans penis is a problem that affects practically all men at least once during their lifetime and very often it is a minor problem, destined to be overcome with minimal care. Sometimes, on the other hand, it can be a sign of more serious infections and inflammations, which can still be overcome, even if they require specific therapy.

What are the most typical causes of a cracked glans
To fully understand the problem of a cracked glans we must necessarily analyze the most common causes that can lead to this type of condition. We will divide the causes of the cracked glans into different categories, grouping them by similarity and by origin.

Glans eczema: inflammation that can cause peeling
Eczema can also affect the glans and manifest itself in two different ways:

  1. on the one hand we have pityriasic eczema, which presents with scales that are white and small in size;
  2. on the other hand we have furfuraceous eczema, which instead involves larger scales.

Recognizing an eczema is not always easy, even if the area is usually itchy and important disturbances are still felt at the slightest contact with the glans.
When the glans, as well as cracked, appears as wrinkled, it means that the inflammation has also reached the part of the mucosa, a phenomenon that should not be a source of great concern.
In other cases, when the inflammatory component is very strong, there may be an important redness , a sign of the inflammatory reaction triggered by the problem. Xerosis

is a very common condition
Xerosisand a pathology of the dermis which is caused by the lack of adequate amounts of the lipid component of the skin. This pathology can also selectively affect the skin covering the glans.
It manifests itself with a non-flaky cracking, as in the case of eczema, but more similar to skin peeling after sun exposure.
It is worth noting that even in this case the glans can appear wrinkled. In this case, however, the problem is not the presence of inflammation, but the lack of elasticity of the tissues.

The candida
The candidaIt also affects men and can manifest itself with the extensive presence of cracks on the glans, usually small and regular, which persist until the infection is overcome. Even in this case, however, it is advisable, instead of trying natural remedies, to consult a specialist.
Candida can also be accompanied by redness that affects the glans, which is very often expressed with small homogeneous and itchy dots.

Glans chapped and red due to friction
In addition to problems of an inflammatory nature or due to xerosis, the glans chappedit can be caused by excessive friction. Contact with underwear, or during sexual intercourse (and also during masturbation) can cause excessive stress to the layer of skin that covers the glans and cause even significant cracks.
These cracks are generally the easiest to treat, as we will see later.

What are the most effective treatments for chapped glans
As for the most suitable therapies and treatments to treat chapped and red glans , it is necessary to make distinctions between the different causes that led to the development of the problem.

  1. In the case of a cracked glans penis that can be traced back to xerosis or eczema , or to another type of inflammation or infection, it is necessary to consult a specialist doctor, the only one able to make an accurate diagnosis and consequently choose an adequate therapy. In the case of suspected presence of pathologies, even if we will have the opportunity to talk about this later, a visit to the andrologist or dermatologist is the only way to identify effective solutions;
  2. In the case of glans chapped due to friction , we will instead have to take countermeasures and above all pay more attention to the health and hygiene of the penis.

Always wash the genitals with neutral and special soaps.
The genital area is one of the most delicate in our body due to its conformation. Although we are used to considering women as more subject, even for purely anatomical reasons, to this type of problem, it is worth reiterating here that men can also suffer from problems in this sense.
The attention to the detergents to be used must always be maximum, preferring products that have been designed for the area and that are neutral.
Too aggressive soaps are one of the most common causes of chapped and red glans .

Choose underwear made of cotton, breathable and possibly not colored
Underwear plays an equally important role in the health of the skin covering the glans. It is advisable to choose cotton linen, free of dyes and that is breathable.
It is also better to choose, since the problem could be due to the glans rubbing on the linen, good quality cotton, which is not too rough.

When to consult a specialist
It is necessary to consult a specialist if the problem persists and is accompanied by any of the following additional symptoms:

  • pain when urinating;
  • pain during ejaculation;
  • itching sensation;
  • glans red ;
  • burning sensation.

In the event that even only one of the symptoms indicated above is present, it is advisable to contact a specialist who, after formulating a diagnosis , will take care of identifying the most suitable treatment to solve the problem of the cracked glans .
Orienting yourself towards natural remedies is absolutely contraindicated: we could in fact be in the presence of bacterial or viral infections that require specific formulations to be overcome.
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