Withdrawing the penis from the vagina before ejaculation is one of the oldest contraceptive methods, known as ‘reverse’ . It’s free and simple, and has no side effects. Still, withdrawal is unreliable at best and does not protect against sexually transmitted infections. And it does not protect 100% from pregnancy either.And here comes into play what is known as pre- seminal fluid or pre-ejaculate, a colorless liquid that flows from the penis during sexual intercourse and may contain active sperm.What are the chances of this event happening
Here are some keys.
Preseminal fluid is produced by Cowper’s glands, which are located next to the urethra, below the prostate gland. It acts as a lubricant that facilitates the passage of sperm through the urethra. Studies show that some men produce precum that contains sperm, while others do not . And this is one of the reasons why, although ”controls”, fertilization can occur.
Until 2017 there were only five studies on the sperm content of pre-ejaculatory fluid.In two of these studies, none of the participants had sperm in their precum. In the other three studies, between the16% and 41% of the participants had sperm in their preseminal fluid. In these studies, the number of sperm was low and not all of the sperm might have been able to fertilize an egg, but there would still be a risk of pregnancy.


usually remain in the female reproductive system for 5 days.If within this period, you begin to ovulate and are having sexual intercourse on a regular basis, the chances of getting pregnant are high.
Even if backing is practiced ”correctly”, there is no way to know if you are producing precum and no way to control it. If the pre-seminal fluid contains active sperm (mature male germ cells) and can reach the fallopian tubes, you are likely to get pregnant if you are ovulating.
In fact, it is important to remember that a man begins to secrete pre- seminal fluid the moment he experiences an erection.This means that the fluid is present during sexual intercourse and without laboratory tests it is impossible to know if a person has sperm in their pre-seminal fluid .
However, it is difficult for a woman to staypregnant with preseminal fluid , since the amount of live sperm in it is scarce or null (1% in relation to a normal ejaculation).

Of every 100 people using reverse gear as a method of contraception, around 22 to 27 will have experienced a pregnancy within a year.Even with a theoretical “perfect use” it is estimated that 4 out of 100 people could become pregnant after one year, but this type of “perfect use” hardly occurs.

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