The year 2021 says goodbye and with the infinity of memories and experiences in each of us. Of good, bad and regular days. Of changes within changes; of fears and overcomings; of successes and failures. Of welcomes to the world and farewells. In Spain, for example, more than 400,000 people have lost their lives this year . Among them some well-known faces that are added to a long list of international personalities who also left their mark throughout their lives and died in 2021.

Felipe de Edinburgh, Carlos Menem, Antonio Escohotado, Franco Battiato, Veronica Forque, Raffaella Carra, Almudena Grandes or Manolo SantanaThese are some of the politicians, athletes, writers, singers or television personalities who have left us in recent months

Felipe de Edinburgh

Husband of Queen Elizabeth II, died on April 9 at the age of 99 , just two months before his centenary. A member of the Greek royal family by birth, he held one of the highest ranks of the British Royal House during the 73 years that his marriage lasted.

Carlos Menem

The most famous president of Argentina in the last decades, champion of ultraliberalism. He died on February 14 after many lights and shadows during his mandate from 1989 to 1999.

Antonio Escohotado
Philosopher, jurist, essayist and university professor, a reference for thousands of Spaniards, he died in Madrid on November 21 of natural causes.

Almudena Grandes

One of the great contemporary Spanish writers. She passed away on November 27 at the age of 61, a victim of cancer.Dozens of her readers bid her farewell at her funeral with her books and a red rose to pay tribute to her.

Manolo Santana

The man who made tennis fashionable in Spain died in Marbella at the age of 83 on December 11 . He won four Grand Slams: two Roland Garros (1961 and 1964), one Wimbledon (19669, and one US Open (1965).

Raffaella Carra

Raffaella Carra passed away in Rome on July 5 at the age of 78 . She was Italian by birth, her talent and her status as a show woman led her to success in Latin America and Spain.

Franco Battiato

died on May 18 at the age of 76, a victim of Alzheimer’s.And with the good part of the soundtrack of millions of people. A symbol of modern European culture.

Carlos Marin (Il Divo)

The singer of the group Il Divo is one of the millions of victims that the coronavirus is claiming . At the age of 53 , he died on December 19 after spending ten days intubated and in an induced coma.

Alex Casademunt

One of the young people who gave life to Operacion TriunfoHe died in a traffic accident on March 2 before his 40th birthday . Her editing partners turned to her farewell, demonstrating the strong union they had between them after more than two decades of success and without flavors.

Veronica Forque

After a season away from the screen, Veronica Forque returned to the eyes of the viewers in the last edition of Masterchef , from where she had to leave when she felt very tired physically and mentally . Days later, on December 13, he committed suicide after a long history of depression and other mental health problems, increasing mourning in the world of Spanish cinema.

Quique San Francisco

Enrique San FranciscoHe died at the age of 65 due to bilateral pneumonia . It was March 1. Many criticized his lifestyle, that carpe diem that made him a unique comedian, an actor always associated with smiles and his role in ‘Cuentame como paso’.

Pilar Bardem

passed away on July 17 at the age of 82 . Winner of a Goya award and the Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts, Pilar Bardem leaves behind 80 films, 43 plays and 21 television series.

Jean Paul Belmondo

Outside our borders, Jean Paul Belmondo died on September 6 at the age of 88. The French actor was an icon of the image of the typical cheeky charm and developed a great career along with other historical filmmakers such as Godard, Truffaut and Chabrol.

Gerd Muller

In the world of soccer, if 2020 was the year of Maradona’s death, the loss of ‘Torpedo’ Muller has been significant, whose shots stopped on August 15 at the age of 75 after fighting for years against Alzheimer’s .

Mila Ximenez

In the world of the heart, the death of Mila Ximenez stands out, the collaborator of the star program of the television grid ‘Salvame’, who died on June 22 victim of lung cancer. Former partner of Manolo Santana, who also died in 2021, stood out for always being controversial and incisive in his criticism.

Georgie Dann

Died on November 3 after lung cancer, the ‘King of the summer song’ leaves us for history musical hits like La Barbecue, El Chiringuito or El Bimbo

A hundred familiar faces

In addition to these characters that we have highlighted , around a hundred international faces died in this 2021 that we are about to end. American football player John Madden , film director Jean Marc Vallee , South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu , American writer Joan Didion, Mexican music legend Vicente Fernandez , writer Anne Rice , Mexican producer and politician Carmen Salinas , American football player Demaryus Thomas , former US Senator Bod Dole , actor Eddie Mekka , artistic director of Louis Vuitton Virgil Abloh , Williams Formula 1 team founder Frank Williams , composer Stephen Sondheim , military leader and first black US Secretary of State Colin Powell , legendary Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts , former Secretary of US DefenseDonald Rumsfeld , the founder of Hustler magazine Larry Flynt , the actor Christopher Plummer, the actor Dustin Diamond (‘Screech Power’ from Salvador por la Campana) or the presenter Larry King are some of them.

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