Draghi is an exceptional communicator. He says simple and direct things that if they were proposed by most of the political actors, even outside Cinecitta, they would ring like bells in the desert. The Prime Minister reminds us that saying agile work is much cooler than saying smartworking and that playing the European final in a place where the positive rate from Covid 19 goes down rather than up, would be smarter. Perhaps the British were resentful, both for the invitation of our premier to use terms in Italian and for the one addressed to Uefa to seriously think about changing the country that will host the European final.
It is true and that Draghi as a Roma fan hardly hides the enthusiasm for our Selection which seems to be a metaphor for how the Italian people should behave with the money of the Recovery Fund: cohesion, down to earth, seriousness and concreteness. But Draghi did not ask for the final to be played in Rome, but to avoid its holding in London considering that it is still in an emergency phase and that it could be held in any European country flying the white flag, such as the areas where Covid and falling.
Uefa President, Alexander Ceferin, already seriously injured by the attempt of the new global Super tournament, the Superleague, this time by borrowing the parts, cannot make mistakes at Wembley even in the name of the Covid 19 pandemic and the Indian variant because it would make the poor try Boris Johnson, savior of the Champions League, the same personal betrayal told to unified networks on the occasion of the announcement of the reviled Superlega also hatched by former friend Andrea Agnelli.
Boris does not speak, he makes others speak and raises. Oliver Dowden, secretary of state with responsibility for sport, digital, media and culture, even wants to bring 60,000 spectators to Wembley in the final stages, creating a precedent that is difficult to manage in view of the resumption of the Premier League if the contagions rise from the parts of London showed no signs of slowing down.
Basically the English fans, if the line of the Wembley European Championships is kept, from the end of August they will be able to claim without ifs and buts in the attendance of the stadiums, among others, of Manchester, United and City; of London, Tottenham Chelsea Arsenal, of Liverpool; trivially the six teams that undermined the creation of the Super League by coming out before the others and leaving the Italians and the Spanish in very short shorts. Of course, and that Ceferin would like to be able to guarantee equal treatment to those who compete in Champions, Europe and Conference Leagues in Europe. And he will not be able to do it because each country will have its own rate of contagion. Just like today.
The itinerant Europeans conceived by Platini before he was crucified in the courts to then be cleared of any accusation, were designed to give the idea of ​​a united Europe in the eyes of the world, under the aegis of a third organizing and regulatory body that it’s called Uefa: Union of European Football Associations. It is a pity that in the meantime Great Britain, indeed England, has called itself out, also negotiating with Draghi the severance pay when as President of the ECB he too had to manage the English defection that undermined the monetary stability of the European Union.
Giovanni Malago is right when I use the words of President Draghi to use common sense, although they can hardly have a concrete follow-up. President Gravina, a member of UEFA, does well to lend his silent assent to the words of the Premier.
It remains to be noted that while the world of European politics is watching with concern the rise in infections especially among young people in the United Kingdom, the British indirectly specify that being outside Europe not only do they not give up the acquired right to see the final at Wembley, but they are ready to increase the presence in the stadiums. A smoky London version of the Marquis del Grillo’s I know me.
The new groom Boris celebrated his bachelor party reveling in breaking the dreams of the Super League, crowning the wedding in Cornwall in front of the greats of the world and establishing that the honeymoon could start on Downing street and end in Wembley on the 11th. July assuming a full toast with the victorious hosts of the tournament. He who knows Merkel doesn’t bring that Bavarian beer to celebrate her kids or Draghi doesn’t bring Franciacorta to toast with Mancini; or, just for this time, we would also be satisfied with Macron’s champagne.

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