The accident that cost the life of the Sevilla FC footballer Jose Antonio Reyes was caused by excessive speed (minimum 187 kilometers per hour) combined with the blowout of the rear wheel , according to the report of the Civil Guard that the court of Alcala de Guadaira investigating the event.
Judicial sources inform this newspaper that, according to said report, the rear wheel burst first, which supposedly had caused problems and had recently been repaired in a workshop.
That circumstance, together with the excessive speed since at that moment he was overtaking, made Reyeslost control of the vehicle, hit the guardrail of the road and began to roll until it caught fire.
The Traffic Accident Reconstruction Team (ERAT) of the Civil Guard ensures that the vehicle was traveling at excessive speed, a figure that the report places at “a minimum of 187 kilometers per hour.”
The accident occurred at 11:45 a.m. on June 1, 2019 on the A-376 road in the direction of Utrera.The footballer and his cousin, Jonathan Reyes , 23, died in the incident . Another cousin who was traveling in the vehicle, Juan Manuel Calderon, was seriously injured and was admitted to the Burn Unit of the Virgen del Rocio Hospital with 60% of his body burned.
The player was in a 380 hp Mercedes Brabus S550 that he owned, and was on his way to Utrera from Almendralejo , where he had trained with Extremadura , the club in which he was a member at the time.
According to the Civil Guard, the car’s wheels had been changed in Portugal and days before the accident, Reyes’ cousin took him to a garage in Merida , where they warned him that one of them was not in good condition , but what he decided is unknown. make the owner
As a consequence ofincrease in friction when accelerating the car for overtaking was when the defective tire burst, according to the expert report.
From the first moment, excessive speed (although at first there was talk of up to 230 km/hour) and a defective tire were considered as causes of the accident.
A mechanic from the workshop declared to Antena 3 that he saw the defective wheel, checked it because it was losing air and told him ‘you can’t drive like that’ but the customer already has the last word”.
“He came to check the tire pressure when he went on a trip. He was told that the tire was slashed and he said: ‘We’ll go to Seville to fix it ,’” added the workshop manager.

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