Cats are the contortionists of the animal world. It is amazing in the number of sites that they are able to get into without any effort. Has your kitty also snuck into a tiny space compared to its size?

Who hasn’t seen their cat squeezed into a shoebox ? Or curled up in a fruit bowl that’s half his size? There are even those who have caught the puppy inside his shoes. It’s a very funny situation! And another of the many strange things that cats do and that, yes, have an explanation. The reason they sneak into closed spaces is that inside they feel safe and from that position they can stalk their prey without being seen .

For us humans who have cats or love kittens, it makes us very funny to see them in that situation, so we have made a compilation of 15 photos that show that kittens are real contortionists . Seeing is believing.

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I get into this box no matter what

This beautiful black cat spent half an afternoon trying to get into the box but with no luck , the most he managed was to get his paws in. He now he sits in the air. 

cat inside a hood

Why is the hood heavy?

This girl is noticing something strange in her back. Is it because the hoodie is new and hasn’t been made to it yet? Oh no, someone has snuck into the hood!  

Kitten inside a boot

How hot it is here!

The little boy was cold and as soon as he saw his human take off these warm boots he saw it clearly. Head!  

Cats in a basket

Where one cat fits… fits two!

The gray cat saw that the other furry one was very comfortable inside the basket and did not think twice. He made himself as hollow as he could and got in too . And the fact is that where one cat fits… two fit!  

cat inside a cardboard box

The contortionist cat

This cat is a true contortionist. Getting into this box with its size is quite a difficult task.

Cat in a flowerpot

The potted cat

Empty pot? Cat that gets inside! The equation never fails, they are like that.  

Cat inside a wok

A cat in the wok!

This cat does not understand that where he is taking a nap is a wok for cooking. He has seen a container shaped like a fountain and has felt hopelessly attracted to it. Perhaps his humans are going to find hair in their food .  

Kitten inside a bowl

And another kitty in a bowl!

The same thing has happened to this kitten as the previous one, it has sneaked into the bowl in which its humans serve the appetizers before eating. Some will find gray hairs in the chips .

Cat in a bowl

Is this cat really comfortable?

Is it possible for this cat to feel comfortable being squeezed into that container ? Impossible! 

Kitten inside a ballerina

The kitten that fits in a shoe

 This pup discovered that inside his human’s ballerina he could nap undisturbed . Not even the light enters it!  

Cat inside a trunk

The trunk is mine!

In reality, the black cat occupied the trunk before the orange one, but the latter was determined to take the place that according to him corresponded to him. Neither short nor lazy he kicked out the black, what an abuse! 

Cat in a shoe box


And very comfortable that I am

“This cardboard box is the sea of ​​comfortable. I’ve been lying here all day and so comfortable , ”said the furry one to his human. 

Cat inside a glass cup

 Your favorite place

The furry little cares that the glass fruit bowl has cost his human a kidney, he is very comfortable inside .

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