On Valentine’s Day, Caterina Balivo wanted to share with her fans a sweet shot on Instagram, obviously themed with the day of lovers. The beautiful presenter has published a photo with her husband Guido Maria Brera and on the occasion she threw him a dig that has not escaped her followers. Caterina Balivo, the pungent phrase on Instagram
Caterina Balivo, on the day of lovers, wanted to break the rule by posting a photo with her husband Guido Maria Brera: in the very romantic shot the two are immortalized in Venice, while they exchange a kiss. “On Valentine’s Day I have the exception: I can publish honeyed photos ❤️”, wrote the presenter, actually throwing a dig at her life partner, who would like to keep the private sphere as such.
Surely the entrepreneur will not like to see the romantic post, as the presenter implied, responding to Elena Santarelli’s amused comment: “Wait for me to see you”, Caterina replied.
There was also no lack of responses to the fans, who pointed out to the Balivo that her photo would have annoyed her husband. “At the very least, I have a fight,” explained Caterina to a follower of her. “Someone complained huh,” she wrote to another fan about the snapshot.
Despite the somewhat pungent caption, what is certain is that between the Balivo and Brera the serene is back: although the husband wants to maintain a certain privacy, every now and then it is possible to make an exception, on a special day like that of San Valentino.Caterina Balivo, the crisis with her husband
It is no mystery that the couple went through a period of crisis, as the presenter told Verissimo. “In this year and a half of the pandemic, a distance has been created with my husband . I wanted to go back to living, to communicate, to be among people, to travel. Not him, he wanted to follow his interests, to be a bit more bear ”, explained Caterina in Silvia Toffanin’s living room, unveiling her crisis with Guido Maria Brera.
“In those moments you have to be good at overcoming them, at talking about them, even if there are days when you want to call the lawyer. I got to days where I thought: ‘Enough’. Then there are children and there is infinite love. I think that couple crises are good if they are constructive and if there is always love. In this case, luckily there is love ”, she had told her.
It was love that made the couple overcome this estrangement: moreover, in the last year, the Balivo decided to take time for her family, easing the frenetic pace of work to which she was subjected. Among her latest works, the podcast Ricomincio dal NO and the radio show on Rai Radio 2 Cattivissim *. Today she is Caterina and she is engaged in the jury of Il Cantante Mascherato, the show hosted by Milly Carlucci, where she made her debut with a wonderful dress, between feathers and transparencies with which she certainly did not go unnoticed.
Caterina Balivo, the romantic photo with Guido Maria Brera on Instagram

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