Because I criticize Minister Lamorgese on the Castellino case. Umberto Rapetto’s comment
No, I just can’t believe that the state is not capable of doing its job.
I waited for the “Question Time” yesterday afternoon during which Minister Luciana Lamorgese gave explanations on the management of the Public Order in Rome last Saturday. I did it with the curiosity of a child who is waiting for a mystery to be revealed or a secret to be confided.
The quisque de populo (and not only the group leader of the Brothers of Italy in the Chamber, Francesco Lollobrigida, author of the question) would have liked to know – among other things – how the performance of the Roman leader of Forza Nuova was possible. in piazza del Popolo he suggested that the tourist itinerary of the parade stop at Corso d’Italia for a sort of guided tour of the CGIL headquarters.
A little difficult to think that the barbarian assault was a kind of “surprise party”, promoted extemporaneously but successfully by Giuliano Castellino, whose effervescent vivacity was known to the point that the guy for the Court of Rome was under special surveillance by the January 31 with residence obligation and prohibition to attend public events.
In spite of this last provision (probably interpreted as advice and not as a binding constraint) the tribune of today arrived undisturbed in the heart of the event as if he were passing by by chance, without having ever said or written anything in this regard as is appropriate when you want to make an “impromptu” to friends.
Precisely this pleasant attitude of living for the day and away from interests and worries has undoubtedly calmed the soul of those who have to give rise to those natural preventive actions that usually prevent accidents or serious events from occurring. Indeed, probably those who had the task of tracing the movements of Castellino have wondered for days and days “who knows what beautiful Giuliano will do on Saturday afternoon”, imagining him struggling with a weekend of shopping at the mall or DIY in the garage at home.
Emulating Houdini or a reinterpretation of the stainless Stanislao Moulinski (Nick Carter’s opponent in “Gulp, comics on TV” of the 80s), Mr. Giuliano appeared on the No Green Pass stage where he harangued the crowd, arriving on the spot without that no one – perhaps out of respect for privacy – would ever ask him where he was going. He himself, probably, even felt snubbed by the cops who didn’t care much about his movements on a day when people had to deal with vaccines and masks and certainly not with paper bombs or cobblestones to throw.
Shortly after the invitation to consider making a leap to CGIL together, the hell we know broke loose.
The owner of the Interior Ministry – as reported by Ansa – declared in the Chamber of Deputies that “The choice to proceed coercively against him was not considered viable by the heads of the security services, because in that context there was the ‘evident risk of a violent reaction from his associates with a degeneration of public order “.
One wonders if there are police activities of a preventive nature. They have not been started
Or they have not been treasured
. To both questions is added an inevitable and heavy as a boulder another question. Why
By renouncing to discover the dynamics of Castellino’s “offside” arrival (there is a slow motion or a VAR for these things
), let’s focus on what happened after the exhortation to reach the CGIL.
The Police Forces are equipped with fully equipped drones with significant flight autonomy, spectacular video shooting capacity, extraordinary ability to acquire and transmit useful information details to move the defense device on the territory in a coordinated and instant way. If the unexpected arrival of Castellino at such an unusual and unexpected meeting had not been avoided, perhaps it was possible at least to prevent his ball from scoring into the goal of Corso d’Italia.
I do not think the “celerino”, the green beret or the carabiniere were happy not to have been able to demonstrate their respective professionalism because they were not adequately supported by the necessary information activity and not guided by the necessary competence of the “managers of the security services”.
An examination of conscience would not hurt. Politics, at least according to what we read about Treccani, would be “The science and art of governing, that is, the theory and practice that have as their object the constitution, organization, administration of the state and the direction of life public “.
We probably lack scientists and artists.
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