Angela Dobrowolski, investigated for the alleged assassination attempt on her husband , the producer Josep Maria Mainat , has granted her first television interview to the Cuatro program En el punto de mira.
After removing the glasses and wig under which she had been hiding in the last month, since the criminal case opened against her became known, the woman from Mainat began her television interview denying that she had tried to assassinate him and confessing that she was “somewhat nervous” since “This is my big breakthrough.”
The interview, a summary of the five hours that it lasted, is offered on Wednesday night on the Mediaset network, but Ana Rosa’s program has broadcast a long preview. In it, Angela Dobrowolski tells how her relationship with Mainat began in 2008. “I was in a communication agency, I had an offer to go to England but I had to choose between a promising career and a stable relationship with a man ,” he maintains. “A man who was in full courtship and made an important effort and I was behind,” says the Spanish-German woman, who is studying the sixth year of Medicine.
The wife of the Catalan independence fighter has reported that her surroundings told her “not to leave my career for a rich man who was going to get tired of me.” “I imagine that on your side they would tell you the same thing, ‘this is an interested party, a ‘little whore,'” he adds. In the end, he opted for the relationship because “I thought it wasn’t a frivolous flirt, he kept telling me ‘I love you, you’re the woman of my life’ “.
According to what he said, he met Mainat (now 73 years old), when she was 25 years old and he was 61: “I was amazed, I didn’t think so.” He denies having married then out of interest: “No, we loved each other.” But according to the version she has given Four, her husband became “cold, calculating, controlling,. She assures that now she does not recognize him: “I find it hard to assimilate that he is the same person I married, I do not recognize him, he has changed.”
Already in her statement before the judge, Dobrowolski admitted that she had been unfaithful to her husband and that her attitude had changed since then. The journalist from En el punto de mira asks her if she even pretended to have coronavirus to be with her lover , as Mainat accused her in the lawsuit she won for temporary custody of the children after the alleged murder attempt, based on exchange of whatsapp messages as proof. Now, Angela admits that she made up that she had covid, “but not for that reason” . She explains it like this: “My husband was never interested in what I did, butHe began to control me when he discovered that I was beginning to have another social life apart from him. It made him angry, helpless , he exercised a control over me that I had not even experienced with my parents.”
The Mainat woman goes back to the weekend in which she pretended to have coronavirus. “I wanted to go away for the weekend with a lover what I had then; He ( Mainat) was obsessed, that’s why I told him he had tested positive for covid , I thought he wouldn’t believe it, but he did. “I said it as a joke , but the next day I began to receive messages from worried family and friends, ‘how is it possible
‘, I thought, and then Josep Maria made it public on Twitter“. “I was faced with a dilemma, whether to go back or not.”
The researcher says that that weekend, in which her surroundings believed she was confined by covid, “I was not with my lover in a hotel, but in one of my husband’s houses, and then the lockdown came , nobody saw it coming, we were locked up, my husband discovered it through the report of his detectives”.
Angela Dobrowolski, wearing makeup and with her hair in a ponytail, has chosen a light blue scarf for her first statements on television. “A garment that is not casual, has aA story behind that he tells in the interview integrates that can be seen in Cuatro”, the journalist Israel Lopez advanced in The Ana Rosa program. The Telecinco presenter was surprised by the temperance of the woman from Mainat during the interview. ” I did not expect to see her with that serenity and sincerity, although of course, it is her point of view,” said Ana Rosa.

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