Maria del Carmen Bousada de Lara, the woman from Cadiz who gave birth to twins at the age of 69 on December 29, 2006, died on Saturday after a long illness after being diagnosed with a tumor shortly after becoming a mother.
Bousada de Lara, who was currently 70 years old , became famous two and a half years ago for becoming the oldest mother in the world after undergoing fertility treatment at a Los Angeles clinic, where she recognized that he had lied about his age, since the legal limit for this is 55 years. As a result of the treatment, the twins Pau and Christian were born at the Sant Pau clinic in Barcelona , weighing 2,100 and 2,300 kilos respectively.
Of the death of this woman almost nothing has transpired, not even the place where it took place. His brother Ricardo even refused to give any details yesterday morning when he contacted this newsroom.
Maria del Carmen Bousada lived a large part of her life in the Cadiz capital, where she worked as a clerk for the now defunct Galerias Preciados, which had its headquarters in the central Ancha street. However, shortly after, she established her residence outside the capital of Cadiz. Of course, Maria del Carmen Bousada was seen on occasion with her children around the city on occasion.
Bousada’s story was from the Guinness Book as she surpassed the Romanian Adriana Iliescu, who had her daughter Eliza by her in 2005, 130 days younger.
The case of this mother was also the subject of controversy, especially for the future of her children. She, in a paid interview she gave to the English newspaper News of the world a month after giving birth, said that her hair stood on end when asked about it. However, she added that her mother had lived 101 years and there was no reason why she should not.
He even joked that if this happened he might even meet his grandchildren. However, this wish will not be fulfilled.
The scientific case of Bousada was already incredible in itself. She did not have a partner and said in that same interview that she wanted to find a father younger than her for her children. Interestingly, before undergoing the treatment, she had not had a period for 18 years and she added that she had not had sexual relations for ten years.
That if, she made it clear that “each one must have children at the right time . ” And she assured that this was the exact moment for her, for which she asked that they not judge her, despite the fact that people were surprised when they saw her pregnant on the street.
Carmen decided to make her dream come true in 2005, once her elderly mother, whom she had to care for for many years, passed away. When she mentioned it to a small circle of her friends, no one believed her and, those who did, believed that it was going to be impossible.
To pay for her treatment, she had to sell several properties and travel to the United States several times until she found someone who would pay for her treatment.
In downtown Los Angeles no one asked her, according to what Bousada said in her day, neither her passport nor did they ask her how old she was, despite the fact that the doctor at this clinic who treated her, Vicken Sahakian, said a few days after he felt cheated and assured that the treatment “could have ended badly”.
The first thing the doctors had to do was a treatment to reverse the menopause and prepare her dormant womb for artificial insemination: “Having my period again after such a long time was strange to me . ” For this, he underwent hormonal treatment.
A few days later she was told that she was pregnant. The final part of this period was very hard, so much so that the doctors came to fear for the life of her future mother. However, the children were born without problems on December 29, despite the fact that they had to remain for a month in the incubators.

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