When we talk about her, her life and her successes, we can only imagine her like this, with that perennial child’s smile and the doe eyes that have made her a beautiful diva , an icon of fashion and style. Yet behind that beauty destined not to fade despite the years that pass, in those images that immortalize her unforgettable career as a super model and her songs that have become her real hits, there is a pain. Perhaps the greatest ever.
It was 2006 when Carla Brunishe found herself saying goodbye to her most beautiful destination, her brother. Because no one should ever part with that best friend that life has given us. What happens to us when we are little girls is what we choose when we are older. Because a brother is that person who is destined to stay by our side for eternity .
And this could not happen to her, to the former supermodel and Premiere dame of France who lost Virginio , her brother, defeated in a long battle that left marks and wounds, which sowed a pain that cannot be Forgot. Who was Virginio Bruni Tedeschi, Carla’s brother
He was a sailor and a photographer Virginio Bruni Tedeschi, as well as Carla’s older brother. Just like Father Alberto, Virgi – as his loved ones called him – dedicated his life to art.
In 2006, however, at the age of 47, he died of AIDS after a serious complication. Since that moment there hasn’t been a single day in which the family members have not remembered him with intimate and sincere emotion.
His sister Valeria Bruni Tedeschi brought him back to life, creating an immortal memory for him through his film A Castle in Italy starring Filippo Tini. The Virginio Bruni Tedeschi Foundation and the Trophee Virginio, a catamaran regatta open to all, are also dedicated to Virginio. The memory of Virginio in the words of Carla
Carla Bruni also spoke about him. She does this on rare occasions, but it is on those occasions that it demonstrates the great love she had for a brother who disappeared too often.
She too clings to her memories to somehow fill in the absence of her point of reference. A pain that cannot be erased, she keeps repeating in the rare interviews, specifying that the life she knew before her is not the same since her brother is gone. The former model dedicated to him the song Salut marin contained in the album Comme si de rien n’etait. A song that, despite being born from the voice of her heart, she herself struggles to sing.
But and with that song that remembers, now and forever, his “Virgi”. “Hi Virgi, I hope you have heard my song where you are, and above all I hope you like it. I wrote it for you and also for all the sailors ”, wrote Nicolas Sarkozy’s wife on her Instagram profile to create an eternal and indelible memory of her brother.
Carla Bruni and the social dedication to her brother Virginio

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