Autumn is the ideal opportunity to give space to your creativity and revolutionize the home with small big changes that make it more welcoming and comfortable in view of a colder season. The colors of nature are certainly inspirational as well as the mood that accompanies it. A herbal tea in company, the pouring rain on the windows, the light and poetic leaves that follow the course of the wind in the whirlpools.
Bed linen is certainly the first to be taken into consideration as it is from that environment that the well-being of the day starts and is renewed in the surrounding spaces. Blankets in wool and fleece
Essential in use and aesthetics, they are not only functional but also real decorative accessories. TheSoft and warm woolen blankets are accomplices of colder evenings. They can already be on the bed or on a shelf in the wardrobe, ready to be added if necessary. The heat they emanate is natural and the reason is simple, in fact wool is unanimously recognized as an excellent conductor of heat and this ensures that well-being spreads in a homogeneous and constant way. The fiber consists of a protein substance, the keratin which gives the wool softness, hygroscopicity and highheat insulation . The hygroscopicity is the ability of the materials to absorb the water molecules coming from the outside, in this specific case the humidity while the thermo-insulation is the property for which a material is thermally insulating. The wool fabric not only insulates from the cold but also from the heat; some African populations use it during the day to shelter from the heat and in the evening from the cold.
In recent times, wool has sometimes been replaced by fleece, a technical and modern material. Its properties are multiple in fact and very warm, easily machine washable, it does not shrink, it does not crease, and it is very economical. Blankets made of fleecethey are lightweight and highly breathable. The fibers that compose it are heavily worked, in this way they collect a lot of air, which acts as a good thermal insulator and softens the fabric. Bedspreads
Between one season and another, the bedspread is a commonly used item that is used in the bedroom as a real cover. In fact, it happens that during the night it can happen to be cold and here the bedspread finds its main purpose by covering us lightly.
The bedspread is the easiest way to make the bedroom more warm and welcoming. It can be changed according to the seasons or when you want to renew the room with a new color or a different pattern.
Made of cotton or other more technical fibers, it gives the space character and personality enriching it with taste for furnishings and refinement of beauty. Duvet covers
The use of the duvet cover corresponds to a more modern and recent way of making the bed. It is an accessory that has origins from the Northern European tradition (France, Germany, Scandinavia) but which has also been used for some time in Italian beds. Its characteristics have made it a famous alternative to traditional quilts, the warm blankets that warm us throughout the cold season. It consists of a sack of cotton or other materials that contains the most suitable duvet for the season. Without duvet inside it can also be used as a practical bedspread.
Many people wonder what a duvet cover is and how it is made.
The word itself says it: it is a duvet cover , that is the goose down padding that keeps us warm when we rest. The duvet cover is made like a sack : two fabrics are sewn together on three sides, leaving a hole open or resealable with buttons.
The duvet cover bag serves two purposes: to protect the duvet from dirt and to furnish the room. In fact, the fabric can be removed and thrown in the washing machine more easily than the padding and once it is clean it can be used again.
The goose down is usually white or gray, while the duvet covers can be printed, striped, polka dot, colorful and original, decorating any bed with taste. Furthermore, to change the style of the room, just alternate the pattern, without having to buy more padding (as in the case of quilts). Flannel Sheets
Very useful during the winter period, flannel sheets are the essential item to fight the cold. It is a soft, welcoming and very warm fabric that is made of both cotton and wool, its surface is rather uniform and slightly hairy and despite being a very light and thin fabric it manages to warm the wearer.
These characteristics are due to the treatments that this fabric undergoes, first of all the raising which, by lifting the fluff, retains the air, acting as a thermal insulator, its resistance is also due to the twill weave and the finishing, a particular process thanks to which the characteristics of the product are improved. Fleece sheets Freezing
temperatures are no longer scary if there are fleece sheets waiting for you in the evening. Choosing bedding made from this material has numerous advantages for indulging in warm comfort and sleeping soundly.
Finally, you can experience the pleasant sensation of taking refuge in your room and slipping into a warm and welcoming bed instead of losing precious minutes of sleep to prepare the hot water bottle. Fleece sheets, combined with a winter duvet, are the warmest and softest solution also to warm up the nights in the coldest cottages or in the house in the mountains that are frequented only on weekends. Thanks to a high degree of heat, in fact, this type of linen has advantages compared to classic sheets. Fleece is an interesting fiber because it keeps you warm like wool but, at the same time, it is much lighter and dries quickly. Fleece sheets can be easily washed at 30 or 40 degrees and above all do not iron. DuvetsThe duvet constitutes the padding to be inserted inside the duvet cover. Its composition can be varied starting from goose down, duck down or simply microfiber or hypoallergenic fiber. Its cost varies according to this particular. Starting from the fact that only geese and ducks provide the best feathers, it is necessary to have a clear distinction between down or down and down. The goose down jacket or bow looks like a soft wad made up of small “beards” and comes from the under breast of the goose. Its structure allows the air to be retained, creating an insulating effect that allows animals to withstand thermal excursions and to pass from hot to cold. The down is more valuable than the feather which is composed of a stem called the rachis from which the filaments branch off. Attention because very often feathers or feathers of hens are passed off as goose down and feathers,
It is therefore important to always read the label and look at the composition: the ideal would be 100% goose down, or at least 90% down and 10% feathers.
In addition to the distinction previously illustrated, what makes the difference in the quality of the feather and the origin of the animals. Naturally, animals from farms in cold countries such as Siberia, Canada, Greenland, North Eastern Europe (Hungary, Poland) will provide a thicker, softer and more valuable feather.
The top is made up of the Eiderdown jib, a wild duck that lives mainly in Iceland, which has as a unique feature a strong cohesion to be able to withstand the Arctic winds. The female eider ducks, with their brown plumage, cover the nest with the soft flakes of the under-breast to protect the eggs.
The flakes, the quantity of which varies every year, are collected and sterilized and used for the stuffed garments in pure eiderdown staple.
Of course, there are also other types of duvets made of microfiber, a material with highly hygienic and hypoallergenic qualities. Also in this case lightness and warmth are guaranteed even if the cost is much lower. Scaldasonno Scaldasonno is a very often used term to indicate two very different types of products: – the thermal blanket – the thermal mattress cover
Both of these products increase the temperature of the bed, but they are two distinct types of products, which work differently:
the electric blanketit follows the profile of the body, and is therefore subject to wrinkle more quickly
the thermal mattress cover is spread over the mattress, therefore the risk of wrinkling, and wear of the electrical system, is much lower.
In most cases when we talk about sleep warmers we mainly mean the thermal mattress cover, which many also call a heating blanket or electric blanket. It turns on about an hour before going to sleep, so you find the bed nice and warm.
The composition of the warmer is varied, the most used materials are: wool, cotton, polyester and fleece.
Each of these fabrics has its own advantages and disadvantages. The finest fabric is wool. It is a natural material that has excellent insulating properties. Wool, in addition to being an expensive material, is not suitable for everyone. Since it retains heat even when the sleep warmer is turned off, those who live in warm houses may find their bed at too high a temperature.
Polyester and other fabrics are insulating and breathable. Unlike wool, they retain less heat, so they are not suitable for those who live in houses or in very cold areas, or suffer from the cold at night.
In addition to the materials in which the blanket is made, attention must be paid to the materials used for the construction of the electrical circuits. These materials must be insulated, and equipped with the safety certifications of the European Union. Quilts and Duvets
Enveloping warmth and incomparable softness: these are the characteristics of the winter duvet, the ideal solution to keep you warm during the coldest months of the year and guarantee you a peaceful sleep.
Soft and comfortable, the winter duvetit will give you a soft cuddle and a deep and regenerating rest. These are the little pleasures of winter: returning home after a long working day, taking off gloves, hat and scarf, getting comfortable and getting into bed with your sweetheart, under a warm duvet, in the company of a hot herbal tea.
Padded, soft and enveloping, the winter duvet will welcome you in the evening with its warm embrace, a refuge full of warmth against the bitter cold of the winter season.
With incomparable warmth and softness, the winter duvet is an excellent alternative to the classic wool blanket or a light quilt and is able to always keep the temperature and the degree of freshness of the bed constant. Furthermore, its vaporous appearance like a cloud will transform the bedroom into an ever more welcoming and inviting nest. Quilts
Slightly padded , the quilt is an ideal garment in mid-seasons . On the bed it has a decorative aspect and can also be used on the bottom folded on itself to use when needed.
In solid color or in many patterns, the quilt is a multifaceted garment. It is used as soon as temperatures begin to change whether the cold or heat is about to begin, and indicated just when temperatures are uncertain. The light padding means that the quilt is halfway between a bedspread and a quilt, not too light as it would not be suitable for autumn nor too heavy not to be ahead of its time. Other advice for autumn bed linen
Another advice that we want to give to the staff of Carillo in San Giuseppe Vesuviano (NA), is to be inspired by the changes in nature and its warm and enveloping colors.
The house and the bedroom in particular, have the opportunity to become welcoming spaces to take refuge after long and tiring days.
Scottish and tartan patterns evoke the autumn and winter mood in a game of designs and colors that can only make the eye happy. Red, orange, mustard yellow. The inspiration comes from the leaves and their shades.
Nature so fruitful and full of emotions is a stimulus as a starting point. At the foot of the bed you can also add a warm plaid or a folded blanket to use when watching TV or pampering yourself with your destination.

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