Photo by Goldmund100 (Luca Volpi). Sicily is a land where the Mediterranean offers very intense scents, aromas and flavors and unspoiled nature. The towns silhouetted on its coasts have different stories and beauties, but they share what makes them unforgettable to the tourist: the sea. Named so because the famous paladin Orlando , directed to the Holy Land, stays there for a short time, Capo D’Orlando is a small village on the sea that opens up to those who visit it, quiet and relaxed, full of that simple and seafaring atmosphere, typical of Sicilian towns.
The beautiful marina, recently inaugurated, is the flagship of this millennium, but also history and culture can be breathed while walking through the streets of the center, with the backdrop of a spectacular sea that offers glimpses of postcard landscapes. Vacationing in Capo D’Orlando means relaxing on its splendid beaches, confused in the colors of the sky and the sea or lost among the most fashionable clubs.

What to see in Capo d’Orlando

1 – Bastione Castle
Erected to protect the plantations from pirate raids, it remains the property of noble families until modern times. Today it is a multipurpose center , it includes a beautiful garden and hosts exhibitions and artistic, cultural and theatrical performances.

  • How to get there: reachable from the train station in about 15 minutes by car. Get directions
  • Hours: every day from 8:30 to 12:30 and from 16:00 to 20:00
  • Ticket cost: free

2 – Villa Piccolo
Photo of Mediaterra. On the hills of the village, this private villa is now a respectable cultural center and a museum that also includes a very rich library. The park in which the building is immersed is also beautiful, full of different varieties of plants and flowers.

  • How to get there: reachable from the train station in about 10 minutes by car. Get directions
  • Timetables: visits are allowed by reservation only (contact [email protected] )
  • Ticket price: full € 7.00 – reduced € 4.00

3 – Antiquarium Comunale “Agatirnide”
Small museum located under the cultural center of the city (Municipal Library), in the structure are exhibited finds from the Bronze Age , which testify to the millenary history of the area. The exhibition space is divided into different thematic areas and in relation to the typology and dating of the artifacts found accompanied by exhaustive illustrative panels.

  • How to get there: a 10-minute walk from the train station is recommended. Get directions
  • Hours: from 8:00 to 14:00 and from 16:00 to 19:00
  • Ticket cost: free

4 – Roman Baths of Bagnoli
The Baths of Bagnoli are an archaeological area in Capo d’Orlando, in the Bagnoli district. These magnificent thermal baths, of Roman origin, were found in 1987 during excavations and are thought to have been part of a Roman villa from the III-IV century. AD They are made up of eight rooms, divided into three different environments and the signposted route guides you through all the areas that can be visited.

  • How to get there: you can reach the archaeological complex in less than 10 minutes by car or by bus line n ° 1 from the train station. Get directions
  • Hours: every day from 8:00 to 19:00
  • Ticket cost: free

5 – San Gregorio beach
Very long coast, full of ravines and rocky coves that follow one another for several kilometers. The beach has a pebbly beach and the easy access to the sea makes it suitable for families with children. Many services, with bars, restaurants and beaches for renting sun loungers. In this part of the coast the sea is particularly transparent and suitable for snorkeling , even if its exposure makes it, at times, a little rough.

  • How to get there: from the train station you can arrive in about 5 minutes by car or by bus line n ° 1. Get directions
  • Hours: always accessible
  • Ticket cost: free

6 – Santuario Maria Santissima and Belvedere
Photo by Chtamina. Erected on the top of the Capo D’Orlando mountain, this sanctuary has been recently renovated and consists of the church from the 1600s and the remains of an ancient castle. The inlaid wooden ceiling is beautiful, while in the main chapel a copy of the statue of the Madonnina is exhibited, because the original one was stolen in 1925. The Sanctuary is the most important place of worship in the city, but the nearby Belvedere deserves a visit. allows you to admire a splendid panorama.

  • How to get there: starting from the train station, we recommend a walk through the center to get there in about 20 minutes on foot. Indications for the Sanctuary – Indications for the Belvedere
  • Hours: always accessible
  • Ticket cost: free

7 – Marina
This marina was inaugurated in 2015 and was designed not only for mooring boats, but also to make the area accessible to the whole city. You can find bars, restaurants and shops and you can spend a few hours here in total relaxation, contemplating the blue sea, even if you don’t own a boat. From here, boats can be rented for day trips.

  • How to get there: if you leave from the train station, you will arrive in less than 5 minutes by car. Buses of line n ° 1 also leave from the station. Get directions
  • Hours: always accessible
  • Ticket cost: free

8 – Il Faro
Photo by AnerDev. One of the best preserved and beautiful lighthouses of the whole Italian peninsula, it represents one of the symbols of the city of Capo D’Orlando. The structure dates back to 1900, and is composed of a square plan of intense pink color adjacent to another building, always with a square plan and on a single level of yellow color.

  • How to get there: from the train station you can arrive in two bus stops with line n ° 2 or n ° 3 or 10 minutes on foot. Get directions
  • Hours: always accessible
  • Ticket cost: free

9 – Parco Scafa Parco Scafa
is an area equipped for walks, on foot or by bike, where you can spend a few hours admiring the view that stretches out over the sea. There are play areas for children, bars and the remains of a small Greek-Roman amphitheater that can be visited

  • How to get there: reachable by car in 10 minutes from the train station. Get directions
  • Hours: every day from 8:00 to 20:00
  • Ticket cost: free

10 – Sentiero Goletta
Accessible only on foot, this old mule track, about 1.2 km long and 1 m wide, was once the only link between the village of San Gregorio and the center of Capo D’Orlando. Over time it has been made safe to make it accessible to those who want to take a walk admiring suggestive views in the silence of a path rich in flora and fauna.

  • How to get there: from the train station you can arrive with line n ° 2 or n ° 3 in about 10 minutes. Get directions
  • Hours: every day from 8:00 to 20:00
  • Ticket cost: free

One day itinerary in Capo d’Orlando
Photo by Lorenzo Cassara. You start from the center, walk along the seafront until you reach the lighthouse and then climb the belvedere and visit the Sanctuary of Maria Santissima .
After lunch, continue with the ascent of the Goletta path to enjoy the view from above and the luxuriant nature of the old mule track. Not far from there, the Roman Baths of Bagnoli are worth a visit for the historical and cultural value they represent and for the beauty of the mosaics present in the archaeological site. The itinerary continues towards the Marina, the ideal place to rest a stone’s throw from the water, admiring the splendid boats and the strolls of yachtsmen. If you have time and the period allows it, the beach of San Gregorio offers itself with its colors, the clarity of the water and the beauty of its seabed. At sunset the show is certainly impressive.
For dinner you can decide to stay in the area, and then eventually return to the center, where you can stay up late in a pub or club.

One day itinerary at a glance

  1. Faro – always accessible – ticket price: free
  2. Sanctuary of Maria Santissima – always accessible – ticket price: free
  3. Lunch at Ristorante i Carusi (Get directions), a nice restaurant with high quality cuisine and excellent service.
  4. Goletta Trail – opening hours: every day from 8:00 to 20:00 – ticket price: free
  5. Roman Baths – opening hours: every day from 8:00 to 19:00 – ticket price: free
  6. Marina and beach of San Gregorio
  7. Dinner at Gugliotta restaurant (Get directions), returning from a long day for excellent fish dishes in a very suggestive setting.

Where to eat in Capo d’Orlando

  • Gugliotta : informal environment but high-level cuisine, which offers fish dishes and local products. Excellent wine list.
    Average price per person: € 40.00
    Address and contacts: Porto di Marina, snc Get directions tel: (0039) 0941964510
  • I Carusi : elegant restaurant in the city center that offers a revisited and contemporary fish cuisine. Homemade pasta specialties with seafood and excellent desserts.
    Average price per person: € 50.00
    Address and contacts: via Doria, 22 Get directions tel: (0039) 0941914141
  • Da Leone : simple and typically Sicilian cuisine in a cordial and friendly environment. Beautiful location that offers a very suggestive panorama. excellent quality / price ratio
    Average price per person: € 20.00
    Address and contacts: SP150, 130 Get directions tel: (0039) 3287967965
  • Disiu : trattoria restaurant with fixed menu offering seasonal ingredients in revisited traditional dishes
    Average price per person: € 25.00
    Address and contacts: Contrada Bruca, 44 Get directions tel: (0039) 331 492 6428
  • Doria 66 : fresh fish restaurant, delicious dishes and honest prices
    Average price per person: € 25.00
    Address and contacts: Via Andrea Doria, 66 Get directions tel: (0039) 342 007 2247

What to do in the evening: nightlife areas and the best clubs
It is not difficult to stay up late at night if you are of the right age and the desire to be in company. Capo D’Orlando is lively and bubbly, crowded with tourists and locals who in the summer, after a day at the beach, meet in many parts of the city to socialize. In the center, even the shops remain open after dinner and there are many pubs and clubs offering live music, especially on the coasts and in the Marina area . Very popular are the discos, which are still the most popular here and offer very varied evenings.

  • Coconut : disco famous throughout the area for the proposal of Techno and Garage music. Very popular and with selection at the entrance. Address: via Contrada San Filadelfio, snc (Get directions) – Facebook page
  • XL Club : disco famous for its very successful themed parties and live concerts. Address: Via del Commercio, 12 (Get directions)
  • Club 147 : summer club on the beach of San Gregorio, offers aperitifs and after dinner with music until late at night. Also very popular with locals. Address: SP147, 48 San Gregorio (Get directions) – Facebook page
  • BARH .: Small but trendy place, well-prepared cocktails and good service. Address: Piazza Giacomo Matteotti (Get directions) – Facebook page
  • Bar Plaza Cafe : a place suitable for everyone and for all tastes. From ice cream to cocktails. Address: Piazza Giacomo Matteotti, 6 (Get directions)

Plan your stay in Capo d’Orlando: info and useful tips

  • How to get there: Palermo airport is about 160 km away (2 hours by car), Catania airport is 193 km away (about 2 hours and 15 minutes by car). For those arriving by sea, the reference port city is Messina, about 78 km away (1 hour and 10 by car).
  • Getting around : surely the car is the best way to get around the whole area, but it is still possible to get around by bus by consulting the timetables on the municipal tourist site
  • Where to park : if you are coming from the south, it is advisable to park in the Marina area. From the north, you may prefer the public parking in via Capuana.
  • Where to sleep: Hotels and b & b from € 55.00 per room – see the offers
  • What to see in the surrounding area : Cefalu (86 km, 1 h), Tindari and Sanctuary (36 km, 40 min), Marinello lakes (45 km, 40 min), Taormina (84 km, 1 h 40 min), Montalbano Elicona ( 47 km, 1 h), Floresta and Nebrodi Park (31 km, 50 min), Etna Park (78 km, 2 h), Aeolian Islands
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