This May 9 ends the state of alarm that has maintained restrictions throughout the national territory due to the crisis derived from the coronavirus pandemic.
Juanma Moreno, president of the Junta de Andalucia, explained the new measures of his de-escalation plan in three phases.This plan will last a month and a half and contains measures protected by law and renouncing the most restrictive measures based on fundamental rights and the end of the state of alarm.
Thus, in addition to the curfew and restrictions on mobility disappearing , meetings in both public and private spaces are expanding. its hospitality capacity

In the restaurant and hotel industry, as of May 9, meetings may be eight people per table inside the premises and 10 people on tables and terraces.In addition, the closing time is extended until 0:00 hours, gaining one hour compared to the previous closing time.
A novelty is that the clubs reopen until 2:00 in the morning , but they must adapt to the regulations of the rest of the bars: they will not be able to have a dance floor and a mask must always be worn.

Homes and celebrations

On the contrary, the end of the state of alarm means that meetings and maximum capacity in private spaces cannot be regulated in any way.
for the celebrationsIf the capacity changes , they count from this Sunday with the possibility of gathering up to 300 people when it is held indoors and 500 people if the celebration is outside.

Cultural and sporting events

The alert levels in Andalusia are once again important, since for all the provinces at alert level 1 and 2, the separation between spectators will only be one seat .
For municipalities that are at level 3 and 4, this separation will be increased to 1.5 meters. Theaters, bullrings, sporting events or concerts will be able to follow these new measures.
These measures come with the end of the state of alarm, given that the highest Andalusian body, without the constitutional and legal protection of the aforementioned state of alarm, does not have the necessary legal mechanisms to be able to establish mobility or meeting measures.
The announced measures will last until the last day of May, the day on which the next phase of the de-escalation will begin.
Similarly, Andalusians will be able to travel to any autonomous community in Spanish territory starting this Sunday, May 9 , since the decay of the state of alarm prevents the perimeter confinement of the territories.
In addition, international travel is once again available both to enter and leave the country. The only restriction to this measure would fall on the destination countries themselves.

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