The causes of hair loss are numerous and are not always identifiable.
If in some cases it is an irreversible condition, in others it is absolutely solvable. It all depends on the triggering cause. Usually, for men, it is adrogenetic; but women can also suffer from alopecia, especially in the post-partum period, due to hormonal changes. Hair loss: the causes

  • Hair loss: the causes
  • What kind of hat to avoid
  • Solution against hair loss caused by the hat
    • Alternatives to the hat
  • Hair care
    • Wash
    • Drying
    • Hairstyle
    • Accessories
    • Products
    • Coloring

In some moments of our life, hair loss is a normal phenomenon. With each change of season, for example, we are subject to conspicuous hair loss. The same thing can happen with advancing age or for various reasons.
The most important thing is to always pay attention to the amount of hair lost.
If you start to notice that you even find whole locks on the ground, then this could be a sign that something is wrong.
In general, there are many reasons and it is often difficult to find which is the right one.
You can lose your hair due to:

  • stress;
  • too strict diet;
  • pregnancy or postpartum;
  • excessive smoking;
  • autoimmune or inflammatory diseases.

These are just some of the causes that can lead you to lose your hair. The only person who can tell you what the real cause is is your primary care physician. If you have experienced significant hair loss, please contact him. In winter and summer, then, excessive use is made of the hat which, once removed, collects a lot of lost hair. One may therefore wonder if wearing a hat can cause hair loss. What kind of hat to avoid
The hat is a garment that can be used in all seasons.
For summer and spring there are caps, while for winter and autumn there are winter hats (sometimes called “caps”).
It is therefore used to protect the head from cold or hot temperature changes. While avoiding exposure to the sun and cold can certainly help, wearing a hat for too long can be harmful.
The hat has the property of “suffocating” the scalp. This could increase the sebaceous secretion and therefore create the weakening and loss of the hair, as well as causing another annoying phenomenon, namely dandruff.
Wearing it for too many hours a day can also cause itchiness and make your hair dirtier.
Not all hats are identical. The most harmful to our head are closed and woolen winter ones.
Wool is a very heavy fabric which, while keeping it very warm, suffocates the scalp. If you want to use a heavy hat in winter, try to opt for a different material. Go straight to a clothing store and ask what type of winter hat is available while avoiding wool.
The summer hat like the beret does not involve such a high problem. But remember not to wear it for too many consecutive hours. Solution against hair loss caused by the hat
The easiest solution to counteract hair loss caused by the hat, is to wear it for the shortest possible time.
Avoid wearing it for more than 2 hours a day and only use it outdoors.
Although it has now become a fashion to have it indoors, it is good to remember that indoors it is not absolutely necessary and it is very harmful.
The warmth of a closed environment associated with the heat of the hat damages your hair a lot. Alternatives to the hat
Especially in spring and summer, there are several alternatives to avoid wearing a hat.
Whether you have long or short hair, the classic “bandana” or an elegant scarf, they can replace it worthily.
The bandana and the scarf must be made of cotton or silk, to avoid being heavy on the hair and creating a hat-like effect.
Wrap your hair inside and you will have safe protection from the sun.
The cap also has a visor to cover the eyes from the sun.
For this you can easily get some sunglasses. Hair care
As mentioned, hair loss in most cases is a temporary and solvable problem.
Whatever the cause, hair care must be the first thing you do every day.
We must be careful of:

  • wash;
  • drying;
  • hairstyle;
  • accessories;
  • products;
  • coloring;
  • combing.

Hairdressers all over the world agree on one thing: hair shouldn’t be washed too often. A couple of times a week are more than enough to keep the hair always beautiful and clean if associated with good care. Drying
The drying of the hair should be different according to the length of the hair and the season in which it is.
In winter it is obviously almost mandatory to use the hairdryer, but in summer you can safely avoid it.
In spring or summer, wash your hair before sunset (maximum 2 hours before).
Use a hair towel to rub them before the blow dryer.
Use the hair dryer only to dry the scalp without exceeding 3 minutes, keeping it well away and, if possible, choosing the lowest speed and medium temperature.
Rub the hair and especially the tips again to let the towel absorb all the excess water.
Expose yourself to the sun or outdoors for at least an hour to speed up drying.
With high temperatures, it is not necessary to go outside as even at home it is possible to dry them quickly. Hairstyle
For women, I recommend a hairstyle that does not cause stress to the hair.
Avoid making braids, buns and tails as much as possible.
Prefer collected seeds and softer hairstyles.
For example, it is possible to adapt the bun and the braid to prevent the hair from falling out by making these two hairstyles softer. Accessories
Some accessories are to be used less than others, such as:
hair bands → replaceable by clips or hair bands;
hats → replaceable by bandanas or scarves Products
There are many products on the market and choosing the right one for your hair is increasingly difficult.
When buying a product, pay attention to:
ingrediants. You don’t need to be an expert, but if you don’t find any wording that indicates a% natural ingredients, you are well off stepping away from that product. The ideal would be to use a product that is at least 90% made up of ingredients of natural origin;
indications. On each shampoo, mask or lotion, you can find the indication that will help you understand why that specific product was created. For example, to combat hair loss you have to look for the wording “anti-hair loss”.
As with everything, do not abuse products even if they are of natural origin. Follow the instructions on the package or get advice directly from your trusted hairdresser. Coloring
When you suffer from hair loss it is advisable to avoid coloring them. Your hair is already in a delicate and unstable situation and subjecting it to the stress of a coloring (or bleaching) is to be avoided.
Wait for the problem to be solved before changing your hair color. This rule also applies if it is a hair treatment (such as a perm or other).
Bottom line, wearing a hat doesn’t lead to excessive hair loss if used sparingly.
Remember that there are so many alternatives and you can choose the one that’s right for you.
Continue to take care of your hair by following the advice on: washing, drying, styling, products, coloring and accessories.
In this way, your condition will not worsen and in a short time, with the help of your doctor, the problem will be solved.

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