As the world learns more about the omicron variant of the new coronavirus and the delta variant continues to cause covid-19 cases to increase in much of the world, booster doses that were once considered an option are becoming more frequent every day. more evident to combat the explosion of infections and protect against new variants. In this sense, it is convenient to remember that certain people only received one course of the vaccine after being infected with the virus up to 6 months before inoculation. This was because, even after the other group received the second dose, the antibody levels of those already infected were still 10 times higher.
In this sense, the health authorities recall that many countries require this procedure to consider the complete guideline. In some communities it is administered without the need for an appointment.Since the booster doses began to be administered, the Ministry of Health recommends that those who only received one dose due to being infected get the second dose at the vaccination points set up throughout the territory. “There is no problem,” said the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias.

After verifying that there are sufficient vaccines, the Public Health Commission, at the proposal of the Vaccine Committee, agreed to advance the vaccination of people with previous SARS-CoV-2 infection aged 65 or younger with a single dose from 4-8 weeks after diagnosis of the infection, in order to have additional protection against the Delta variant as “early as possible,” the strategy states.
That is, in the case of having an infection after having administered the first dose, the regimen will be completed with a second dose when they are completely recovered and 4-8 weeks have elapsed since the infection. For this reason, all those citizens who passed the infection and who have only received one dose can go to the centersvaccination schedules and request the complete guideline.
In this context, European countries require that the vaccine has been injected at least 14 days before travel. The EU Digital COVID Certificate is a document with QR reading , which facilitates the safe free movement of citizens within the European Union during the pandemic in which the patient’s data appears such as whether the infection has passed or not, how many doses of the vaccine you have received and from which pharmaceutical company. This allows citizens of the European Union to travel without the need to present negative tests or quarantine.

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