C.Tangana has done it again: a provocative video, catchy music and an unexpected beginning and end that has revolutionized the networks. Anton Alvarez , alias El Madrileno , as he recently called himself, releases his latest video clip with ‘Too many women’ , which begins with a Holy Week march ripping off the latest from the king of the most commercial trap.
And what march does it sound

Well, it’s from Cadiz and it’s none other than ‘El Amor’ ,a march by Rosario de Cadiz recorded and collected on the album ‘Eternidad’ some seven years ago.
The other crazy moment that has stunned more than one comes precisely at the end of the video with the chords of ‘Campanera’ , the song that made the child prodigy Joselito famous .


His tenacity and perseverance has made, according to connoisseurs, that he has earned himself one of the most recognized artists of the urban genre , turning the singer into one of the most requested faces in the industry . And it is that, instead of remaining anchored in a single sound, it has been evolving and experimenting during these years.
‘Too many women’ is the song with which C. Tangana inaugurates a new stage in her artistic career and where she combines urban melodies with the most traditional of popular music . In any case, this is the combination that is working so well for him, and that he already overtook it in A Poison and Comes and Goes .
The dressing of bugles and drums and his own imprint is done with the help of Alizzz -Cristian Quirante, better known as Alizzz or Pisu, a Spanish musician, composer, DJ, music producer and artistic representative based in Barcelona- and the magic of their keyboards from him.

The video clip

For the video clip, C. Tangana has opted for theLittle Spain creative boutique , which has managed to capture the traditional touch of the spirit of the song. The artist has, in fact, created this new visual universe of El Madrileno together with the famous director Santos Bacana .
The images are intended to give the sensation of a dreamlike world that recalls rural Spain in the last century , but with a modern touch. In this way, we observe a group of young women dressed as widows and with combs going to a funeral…

The lyrics

As for the lyrics, he reviews a long list of women who have marked his life. We cannot expect names and surnames, although familiar faces do appear as cameos, such as Julia de Castro orDaniela Blume .
In questionable taste, at times, we leave the text and judge the respectable.
She paraded in Milan
With 21, Prada bells and now she sleeps here
I look at her thinking how long it will take for her to start hating
The way I have to love her, my way of running away is so bad I
can’t stop
I haven’t forgotten the smell
Of the one who fucked me in the bathroom of a joint, drunk in Berlin
Listening to a techno that made me push her like an animal
Music from hell that would sound on the day of my funeral
I still remember you
Too many ‘women’
An unopened WhatsApp
Talking about things’ They don’t say anything to see if you’re still here
Drunk in Miami, flying to LA or back to Madrid
Tell me something that doesn’t hurt me, when are you coming back
What time is it over there
I can’t forget
The one who told me that she would always be for me
From The one who said that only one night and then there was no more
Of the one who left with my desire to love, my desire to live
I have not found her again
Too many women

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