Although typically less affected by pathological and infectious forms, the male genital system can also be the source of various problems, some serious, others less, but still very annoying.
Today we are talking about burning in the penis and glans , a problem that affects men relatively frequently, both before and after puberty, which can be linked to different causes.
Let’s see together what are the most common causes and, where possible, what are the remedies to be put into practice immediately.

Burning in the penis and glans: what we mean
First of all, it is imperative to isolate the phenomenon and separate it from what may be similar situations, which however fall within the sphere of the physiological and not the pathological. It is more than normal to feel very mild burning in the glans or even on the shaft, which can be determined by various factors, such as hair regrowth in the case of previous hair removal, dirt, urine residues or sweating.
If the burning lasts only a few seconds or a few minutes, there is usually nothing to worry about. We must be interested in those cases of burning affecting the glans penis or for long periods or in conjunction with different actions (this can be the case of urination or sexual act).

The most typical and least serious case: friction irritation
Rough undergarments, pants that are too tight, or excessive sweating can cause irritation on both the glans penis and the shaft of the penis.
It is an event that most frequently affects subjects who have undergone circumcision, even if not exclusively. Typically the burning, in this case, is accompanied by the appearance of more or less intense redness, perfectly coinciding with the area from which the burning radiates.
In this case there is very little to do, in the sense that the causes must be identified, put the penis at rest and wait for healing, perhaps with the help of specific creams that should in any case be indicated by the doctor, taking into account the general health conditions of the subject.
It is a phenomenon that affects practically every man several times in the course of his life. There is nothing to worry about: the glans is physiologically exposed to this type of problem and even with the utmost attention there is the possibility of developing irritation of this type.

The importance of good lubrication
When friction is of sexual origin, whether it is self-eroticism or sexual intercourse, it is very important to use a good lubricant for preventive purposes. The onset of irritation and burning with a certain frequency, is just a sign of the need to have more lubricated intercourse, in order to reduce friction.

The pathological case: balanitis
Balanitis is a disease that affects the glans and surrounding areas. It is very common among children, although it also frequently affects adults.
The category includes very different infections by gender and type: it can be the case of bacterial, fungal or parasitic infections. There may also be extra-infectious causes, such as allergies to dyes, clothing or even latex, inadequate intimate hygiene, phimosis.
Since this is a complex pathology, in this case the intervention of the doctor is necessary for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes: after having identified the causes, the doctor himself will indicate the most suitable therapy.

Candidiasis causes intense burning in the glans and shaft
Candidiasis, a disease that is mistakenly associated with the female genital system more frequently, can also affect men. It is more difficult to detect, because it has much less evident symptoms in men than in women.
Desquamations and white areas on the glans penis and on the shaft may occur, although not always, although the symptoms can also be very little pronounced.
In this case it is necessary to intervene with specific antifungal drugs , which must necessarily be prescribed by your doctor, also taking into account the general health picture of the patient.

The burning can also be caused by too much hygiene
It may seem paradoxical, but the burning in the glans and penisit can also be caused by excessive hygiene, with too frequent washing of the genital area.
The mucous membranes that line the glans and more generally the genital skin area are relatively delicate and should not be washed too frequently, especially if too aggressive detergents are used. In addition to using specific detergents for the area, in this case it is necessary to reduce the frequency of washing, unless you have specific needs to do so.
Also for the irritation and burns that derive from an excessive frequency of washing, a medical consultation can be important, both to identify suitable soaps, and to identify those that are, in relation to our skin and our mucous membranes, the ideal frequency for washes.

Burning during urination: it is almost always a urinary tract infection
If the burning occurs in conjunction with urination, not only the glans and penis are affected by the infection, but also the urinary tract. In this specific case it is indicated to act as soon as possible, going to the doctor to first undertake a diagnostic path, aimed at identifying the nature of the infection, and then a therapeutic path to intervene as soon as possible on the infection itself, generally of a bacterial nature .
Poorly treated urogenital infections can easily go up the kidney pathway and cause irreversible damage. Better to move in time and intervene with adequate drugs to first contain and then eliminate the infection.

There is something to worry about
Not necessarily, even if it is worth the note that has been repeated several times in the pages of Salutarmente: the health of the male genital system deserves as much attention as is dedicated to female health in this sense. A periodic appointment as an andrologist and urologist should become part of the health routine of every man, especially after puberty and in the presence of regular sexual activity or not.
Prevention is always better than cure and intervene in time when prevention is no longer possible. It is important, because any minor problem can turn into an emergency.
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