Physical activity, aerobics, diets, multivitamin supplements , energizers, specific tonics for sports, natural remedies for the elimination of excess fat and maintenance of lean mass … In such a Babel of choices and opportunities that are not always adequate useful, let’s discover together a balanced solution to burn fat with natural supplements and aerobic activity . Weight management has become a priority of modern Western society
. The need to burn fatand now an irrefutable and objective fact. We have finally reached the achievement of a situation of well-being for which we have worked for generations. But, instead, to enjoy its positive effects, we are driven to limit and control our primal instincts.
In fact, our body and our physiology tend to be the same as our ancient ancestors and consequently the behavioral responses towards food. Hundreds of thousands of years of famines, struggles for survival and food shortages have been erased in a couple of generations following the industrialization of a natural environment originally hostile to our species.
In fact, until a few decades ago, the need to procure food pushed our ancestors to hard days of daily work. This quickly depleted the calories accumulated from meals, which were often frugal. Our organism has evolved in its current form and physiology by interacting with a not very benevolent environment.
The daily efforts to bend it to our needs have modeled a body perfectly adapted to the movements necessary for cultivation, fruit picking and hunting wild animals that are decidedly unwilling to let themselves be captured to satisfy our protein needs.
The binomial “food and effort to find it” is today a dysfunctional reality made up of an excess of nutrient-poor foods on the one hand and an unnatural sedentary nature on the other. Burning storage fats has become necessary nowadays in order to maintain a correct psychophysical health.

The law of the least effort
One of the natural principles that regulates and directs our organism in fact, is the law of the least effort. According to the latter, our body systems are constantly looking for the easiest and most convenient way from the point of view of energy consumption, to reach the satisfaction of basic survival needs.
This behavior has rewarded from the evolutionary point of view the subjects with the most favorable genetic characteristics in this sense. This means that our current organisms are aligned with a resource-poor natural environment. As a result, we are still poorly adapted to a system where calorie abundance and over-processing of food has become the norm.
Our search for well-being has led to being victims today and the balance is dangerously tilted towards the plate of energy storage, to the detriment of that of its consumption. A genetically perfected organism like ours will consequently tend to direct behaviors towards the ingestion of the greatest amount of calories possible in view of possible famines.

Overcoming laziness and helping the body to burn excess fat
In the light of what has been said, we can safely say that laziness, understood as “the search for the least expensive solution to satisfy our basic survival needs” is part of our intimate nature.
How to find the natural balance and help the body burn excess fat

The golden rules to follow are simple and instinctive:

  • Eating properly through a personalized diet.
  • Practice aerobic activity several times a week to control weight.
  • Strengthen our body thanks to the intake of food supplements adapted to our needs.

What are aerobic activities and the benefits for the body
Depending on the intensity and duration of the effort, our body will have different needs for oxygen. For a short but intense effort like that of centometrists, you will hardly need it. On the contrary, for a prolonged effort such as a walk or a bike ride it will require very important quantities.
In the latter cases we are talking about aerobic activitywhich, as the word itself says, occurs in the presence of a large exchange of oxygen between the environment and the body systems. Aerobic activities are therefore those that allow moderate and prolonged effort for at least 30 continuous minutes. Just like walking, running long distances, swimming, cycling, dance.
To be defined as such, heartbeats must remain low on average in order not to modify the physiology of the body, thus favoring the use of reserve adipose deposits. This kind of activity:

  • improves blood circulation;
  • improves cellular energy exchanges;
  • promotes breathing ;
  • promotes tissue oxygenation ;
  • lowers circulating cortisol levels;
  • it helps to burn fat , allowing to mobilize the stores accumulated both at the muscular and visceral level.

It is crucial for the long-term motivation that the chosen activity is perceived as relaxing and enjoyable. On the contrary, our neurological system would increase the level of inflammatory cytokines and cortisol, slowing or even blocking any progress.

How to start burning excess fat thanks to aerobic activity
Before starting any type of physical activity it is of fundamental importance to undergo a specialist medical examination. In addition to notifying your doctor of your intentions to undergo a training regimen. What I describe next is a simple program that I often recommend to beginners or those starting out from a poor state of form.
The ultimate goal is to run for an hour without stopping. But the same scheme can be applied without problems to other aerobic activities as well. It begins by walking for an hour straight, two or three times a week at a gentle and perceived easy pace.
When you feel you are able to start accelerating, you will begin by running for one minute in a row, and then resume normal walking afterwards. Some may want to run for longer, but the advice is to hold back and limit yourself to the minute. If you are already tired, however, you could easily end the session for the remaining 59 minutes, with a simple walk.
It may happen that you feel able to repeat the run during the training hour. Then repeat another minute as soon as you feel like it and write down the total number of minutes run and those walked at the end of the session. For example, 48 minutes of walking, 12 minutes of running.
The final goal of this First Step is to complete one minute of running and one minute of walking in the 60 minutes of training. You can then move on to the Second Step where you will run for 2 minutes and walk for one minute.
At this point Step Three will include three minutes of running and one minute of walking. Step Four will be four minutes and one more mild and so on until the goal of completing the total sixty minutes is reached. In this way our body trains aburn fat more efficiently. However, always start each session very lightly for five minutes in order to favor the warm-up process and gradual physical adaptation to the effort.
This strategy can be applied to other aerobic sports only by slowing down the intensity for the least demanding minute or even taking a rest break, and continuing with the sequence described above. If you are starting from a particularly low level of fitness, come from long periods of inactivity or your doctor thinks 60 minutes is excessive, then you can easily start with 30 minutes and then follow the more demanding pattern once you reach your milestone.

Which are the best dietary supplements for fat burning
To better support the adaptation to increased physiological stimulation and burn fat optimally, it will help to rely on natural food supplements . These help in the natural process of metabolic waste disposal and supplement any dietary deficiencies. From this point of view, the choice must be directed towards a multivitamin and multimineral that includes all the micronutrients that can be depleted following sweating and increased cellular oxidative stress.
It will be important at the same time to adequately support the organism in the process of change. This is possible through the intake of a product capable of correctly balancing the nervous system , following the perceived psychophysical stress. For thousands of years, ginseng has been used with this in mind and the results are proven by countless scientific studies and above all by satisfied users.
From the food point of view, the ideal is to follow a regime monitored by professionals who can indicate the best possible strategies for achieving the set objectives. In addition to including in the daily plan, a variety of foods such that they also include those rich in magnesium ,carnitine , zinc and arginine . These are amino acids and minerals essential to the slimming process intended as the elimination of excess fats and maintenance of lean mass .

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