We talked a lot about the “key” ingredients, those that are most used today in slimming diets, such as green coffee , Garcinia Cambogia or fucus, and which are used in the most successful slimming products. But there are many other equally effective ones we want to talk about today.

The bitter orange
That citrus fruits effectively help in the reduction of adipose tissue is a known fact. But the bitter orangeto date it appears to be among the most incisive. It has long been forgotten in favor of its more famous brother, “sweet orange”, due to its particularly acrid flavor. The differences are really minimal: the fruit is slightly smaller, the skin darker, as are the leaves. The thorns are longer and the taste, as already mentioned, is particularly bitter and pungent, which makes it an inedible fruit. But in recent years it has been rediscovered thanks to its marked slimming properties. Particularly abundant in the peel, synephrine is a substance that has several properties:

  • On the one hand, it is able to reduce the feeling of hunger , reducing appetite and therefore food intake.
  • It has thermogenic properties , stimulating the endoenergetic receptors, located in the adipose tissue, and inducing them to burn more fat. Furthermore, induced thermogenesis significantly reduces appetite.
  • It stimulates the basic metabolism and therefore burns more calories naturally.

But how to benefit from its important properties
The fruit is very bitter consumed as it is, but there are natural supplements created to reduce body weight containing the dry extract of this incredible fruit.

Guarana, the alternative coffee of Guatemala
This climbing plant native to the Central American tropical forests, today is cultivated as a small shrub to collect the seeds contained within the fruits. It is used in many natural remedies for its moderate caffeine content and for its energizing characteristics:

  • Effectively counteracts mental and physical fatigue , exciting the nervous and circulatory systems, making them more active. For this reason it is recommended as a remedy for low blood pressure
  • It stimulates the metabolism , especially that of fats, through the oxidation of lipids which causes the body to burn them more.

The slimming action of Guarana is amplified if its intake is combined with that of other ingredients with the same principles, such as kola nuts , a plant native to the forests of West Africa and famous for its energizing and stimulating effect for metabolism, similar to what happens for Guarana.

Don’t forget physical activity
Natural remedies cannot make us ignore the importance of movement, not only for body weight, but for the health of the whole organism: the human body is a machine built to move. A sedentary lifestyle is therefore the first risk factor not only for being overweight, but for all the health problems that may arise. Exercise physical strengthens the immune system , muscles and joints, induces the release of serotonin and contributes to the regularization of metabolism, as well as stimulating all organic activities. So remember that movement is the main remedy for good health.

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