The Sevillian right-hander Morante de la Puebla, with 49 performances, 51 cropped ears and several tasks to remember , has led the ranking of bullfighters in the 2021 bullfighting season, in which the activity in the Spanish and French arenas began to recover after the stoppage of the pandemic. Although this year there have been twenty percent fewer bullfights than in 2019, Jose Antonio Morante has been at the head of the alternative right-handers with four more walks than those added by El Juli to occupy that position the year before the coronavirus, as well as 33 performances more than those that served Enrique Ponce, who in June announced his retirement, to lead the brief ranking of 2020.
In second place in the table for this season that is ending is the Peruvian right-hander Andres Roca Rey, who did not fight in 2020 but has now added 37 bullfights, followed by Emilio de Justo and Jose Maria Manzanares, with 36, and Daniel Luque , with 35, as heads of series of a list made up of another 132 bullfighters , compared to the only 56 who managed to dress up in lights in the middle of the pandemic and the 144 who did so in 2019. That ranking of bullfighters has been added in 2021 another ten more names, because throughout the season they have taken the alternative, in this order, the Frenchman El Rafi, the Portuguese Joao Diogo Fera, Alberto Pozo, Cristobal Reyes (these last two with Miura bullfights), Francisco de Manuel, Tomas Rufo, Javier Orozco, Daniel Menes, Jesus Mejias and Jose Ruiz Munoz.

Manuel Perera, leader of the bullfighters

As for the bullfighters with picks, the table is headed, with 28 performances and 65 cut ears , by the Extremaduran Manuel Perera, an applicant who is empowered by the retired right-hander Juan Jose Padilla, ahead of the Mexican Isaac Fonseca (21), Victor Hernandez (20), Manuel Diosleguarde (18) and Jorge Martinez (15). In this section there is the circumstance that, except for Hernandez, the other four novilleros of the “top 5” have been the most outstanding in the contests organized by the FundaciĆ³n del Toro de Lidia in Madrid, Andalusia, Castilla y Leon and the north zone , which is why yesterday they fought the celebration that defined the ultimate winner in the covered arena of Moralzarzal (Madrid).
the more thanConsiderable increase in the number of bullfights compared to 2020 (158 compared to 14) has also led to the performance with the utreros of up to 114 applicants, while during the pandemic there were only 34 who were able to perform before the public. Already among the rejoneadores, the leader of the year has been the young dynastic Guillermo Hermoso de Mendoza, who has fought in 24 of the 82 celebrations of this specialty, followed by Diego Ventura, with 23, Leonardo Hernandez, with 22, and the French Lea Vicens, who headed the 2019 ranking with 11 paseoillos and that this year has reached 22.

Recovery of 70% compared to 2019

The recovery of bullfighting activity by 70 percent compared to 2019 has also served as relief for farmers bravo, who were the ones who, with little income and high maintenance costs for their herds, suffered the indirect effects of the pandemic most seriously. Thus, if in 2020 only about 600 bulls and bullfighters could be fought in the bullring, this year the figure almost reaches 4,000, a large part of them surpluses from last year and that during this season have been stocked with more than five years of age. .
At the head of the ranches that have fought the most bulls in bullfights on foot in Spain and France – amounting to almost 2,200 copies– There are the familiar irons of Garcigrande and Domingo Hernandez, with 181, ahead of those of Juan Pedro Domecq (106), Nunez del Cuvillo (90), Victorino Martin (79), Victoriano del Rio (67) and Miura (52) . As for bullfights -with just over a thousand utreros this year- the currency that produced the most animals was the Madrilenian from Montealto, with 33, while in bullfighting the head went to Fermin Bohorquez, with 82, twice as many as past year.

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